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Beregond: *Thanking the bellhop as he shows us to our room, trying to ignore his leering wink as he leaves, I turn my attention back to Pippin, and once again try to grab his hand. He's managed to stick his nose in a half dozen doorways, three potted plants and five suitcases just getting him this far into the hotel* Pippin... THIS room you're allowed to snoop in. It's our room.

Pippin: Will I get a uniform like that, Beregond? *twisting around as I feel you take my hand, pulling away slightly so my eyes can follow the retreating bellhop. Then quickly turning to look up at you, when you speak of 'our' room.* But does our room have all of those wonderful things t-- *pausing and sniffing, tugging my hand from yours as I walk further into the room, walking straight over to a pair of baskets, each with fruit of a different kind* Oh, but I do like this room. *picking up a pear and biting into it, looking around the room with wide eyes, talking around a mouthful of fruit* This is... perfect.

Beregond: *striding over to the bed, Eru, this is HUGE, dropping to bounce on the mattress, looking about the room* It's quite good, yes! *sees a coil of rope on the nightstand, picks it up puzzled* Wonder what this is for? Ah! *drops it when I notice another room, door half open, goes to investigate, calling back out at you* I've just discovered the biggest bathtub that's ever existed.

Pippin: *wandering over to pick up the rope you drop, simply feeling it, unaware of the grin that spread on my face. Then rushing over to you when I hear your exclamation, pear still in my hand* We have TWO rooms? *pushing your leg aside and peeking past you, I stop chewing suddenly* Big, yes! I fear I shall fall prey to so much water... so many bubbles. *holding onto your leg, tipping my hand back to look at you* We will need to always bathe together, you and I? *grinning*

Beregond: *kneeling down both to try to figure out the spigots, and to steal a kiss, I nod in agreement* Of course. I can't risk losing you to a bathtub drowning. *winks* Besides, I have many bath songs to learn from you. *deciding to just relax and sit crosslegged on the tile floor, this is our vacation and whatever feels right at the moment should be done* I think a bubble bath after dinner would be very nice. *tugs you forward till you wrap your arms around my neck, nibbling your lower lip* What would you like for dinner? Anything is possible here. And think about what scent of bubbles you would like too, we can buy some on the way back.

Pippin: *returning your kiss with many more, the last one given with a noisy, wet smack on your chin. Simply grinning at you afterwards, I try to let everything you've said sink in -- in a logical order* Bubbles. *wrong order, after all. But no matter.* Something that smells sweet. Sweet like you. But longer lasting. *notes a strange expression on your face, but my mind is suddenly filled with thoughts of dinner.* Oh, Beregond, is anything really possible? I do not think I can choose. *tilting my head* Can't I just have... everything?

Beregond: Let's see about that. *recalls something I saw on the nightstand, untangles from you and stands to go investigate. It's a listing of various restaurants available at this resort* Look, Pippin. It's written in the way used in Gondor, now that is a wonder in itself! Now then. Tell me if any of these sound good to you, because they are all a mystery to me. Pizza. Sushi. Mac-do-nald's. Ugh, I can barely say this one, Smor-ga-sbor-d. *peers at that last word, notes the description below it* All you can eat, help yourself, fifteen different main courses, thirty desserts, much much more. *dropping the menu, grinning ear to ear* Do I even need to guess your choice?

Pippin: *I am not partial to the sound of eating Smorga's board, but the words 'all you can eat' are enough to make my mouth water. Leaving the bath room, I walk over to you and climb onto the bed, reaching for menu and reading it. There are words I cannot even begin to comprehend, but there are also words that cause me to grin widely.* So many pies! *I bounce on the bed in excitement* And cakes! *I bounce again, landing on my back this time, astonished by the mechanics of this bed* I never thought I would utter such a thing, Beregond... *my arms outstretched, one of my hands now missing the pear I was eating, I stare at the ceiling as if it is truly only a small part of this hobbit's paradise* ...but I may not be able to eat so much. Oh, what would Merry said to such a thing. He would roll upon the floor with laughter... or possibly simply look at me in shock. *turning a wary eye on you* You will not tell if I have leftover food. Will you?

Beregond: *flopping next to you on the bed, laughing* I will keep your secret safe. It would truly be a happy day for me to see you utterly stuffed! *more seriously* Too many times these past weeks I know you did not have enough to eat. You lived on hardtack and lembas, and even then, in sparce quantity. *stroking your cheek, relieved to see you in more comfortable surrounds* I would be pleased to see you eat your fill tonight.

Pippin: *soft smile* You lived on the same, Beregond, remember? And you are much bigger than me. *reaching up to touch you, I press my hand to your chest* Do not misunderstand my... pleasure at being here. For it is because of you that my heart is happy once again. *rolling closer to you, wanting to feel more of your warmth against me* I would have gone anywhere, even a place with no food to be had, just to see you again.

Beregond: *smiling at your sentiment, even though I know your heart is sincere, you would not last a day in such a place* But we are lucky, we are in this place now, and together again. Your happiness is desired, and not the least misunderstood! *pulling you into a close embrace before we leave* I think perhaps we should bring some pie back to our room after dinner. Even if you eat yourself into a stupor, I fear the onset of midnight snack cravings later on.

To be continued after their dinner...

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::walks along, stops stares::

Now may I say, you are a handsome man, my friend. ::smiles, sticks out hand:: Jack O'Neill, Colonel. USAF.


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