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Name:Fun and Trouble in One Quaint Spot
Website:Spaceport Weini
Posting Access:All Members
Your Spaceport Weini Moderators are:

  • Mr. Gray ritz_manager

  • Duncan the Bellhop ritz_bellhop

  • A message from your moderators...

    "Hey, we're the mods, welcome to the game! We hope you enjoy your stay. We created this because we desired a place to breathe life into new ideas, make a place to stretch our legs and have some fun. We're happy to have you here! Now, let's play and have some fun!"

    (Amazing. They stayed both sober and away from each other's throats long enough to do that!)


  • General Rules Of Play And Stay

  • Our Official Travel Brochure
    We're sure you've seen this brochure on park benches, dentist waiting room tables, and nailed to utility poles. Okay, some of you more backwards cultures might have found it translated into folk songs that have passed down through many generations, or in your legends and tales of old, or perhaps carved into the sacred stone walls of your local sacred shrines. We do what we have to do - advertising is such a chore.

  • Spaceport Weini Overview
    Interested, but want to know a little more about the place before you start packing your bags? Take a virtual tour before you make your decision. Of course we know that once you get a taste of what's in store for you, you'll be filling out that booking application as fast as you can! So, grab a drink, kick your feet up, and enjoy a tour of the most unique spot in the galaxy, Spaceport Weini.

  • Booking Application
    You're convinced - you need this vacation! Let's get you signed up and packing! Just email a copy of your application to the Weini Mods, and you'll be on your way in no time.

  • Andromeda Ritz Hotel Guest Registry
    Socializing is a huge part of any pup's vacation fun. Be sure to check out who else has reserved rooms at the Andromeda Ritz Hotel to see who will be available for you to play with!
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