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Well, we've just received a memo from Weini International, the parent company that owns our little resort. Seems they have heard about our little 'airlock incident'. I'm willing to bet Arthur Dent hit them up with a fat lawsuit.

They've decided to shut down operations here for a few months, and go over Weini with the proverbial fine tooth comb.

The fact that this puts me out of a job for a while is a bother. The fact that it puts Duncan out of work is a sheer joy.

We will be issuing free-of-charge complimentary transfer tickets to another Weini International resort, Disney-Weini-Land in the Andromeda sector. It's nice. Just avoid the Pirates of the Carribbean themed rooms, they tend to be a little too realistic in recreating the smell of that era. Ugh.

Thank you all for your patronage, and we hope to see you again when our fine resort passes safety inspections!

What's this all about? - The moderators of Spaceport Weini had decided to put this RPG on hiatus for a few months or more. We've enjoyed having you come play with us, and will see you around the galaxy!
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I asked around recently, and finally found myself a self-defense course. I am, as to be expected, still very bad at it. But I've only taken a few lessons, and the teacher says I'm getting much better. Also that I'm one of the more flexible people he's ever seen, but then, Elves are known for that sort of things.

While we're not always known for clumsiness, it happens. I managed to hit a wall rather hard with my shoulder, and while it's healing, of course, it hurts. Rather a lot.

I think I'll go take a long hot bath and hope the heat helps with the pain.
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Beregond packs up his luggage, chuckling at the fact that he's leaving with twice as many posessions as he arrived with. Too many stops in too many shops with too curious a hobbit will do that to one.

Pippin needed to get home in a hurry, seems he was missed in Hobbiton. I had thought he was joking when he said they couldn't get along without him, but it seems they might have been right. He's gone on ahead, and I'm sure our paths will cross again one day.

As for me, I've found a strange new home in a place called [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], which means my vacation here is well and truly at an end.

He hauls his bags down to the front desk, wondering where that bellhop is now. Duncan had incessantly hit on Beregond at least once a day during his stay, but now that he was checking out, he was nowhere to be found. But the moans coming from room 22 might indicate Duncan was a little tied up with another guest.

Hello. *ding, ding* Room Ten, checking out...
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Hugo: *walks beside david after leaving the lounge, quite the interesting place, the singer was not bad but the dancers were horrible, i know someone who might roll their eyes and fire the lot. really, where -does- the owner hire these people? but the drinks are good and the food...i do so enjoy the food* ye do no' suppose we coul' order room service again, do ye, davi'? *grins innocently after the last room service debacle*

David: *tangles my fingers into yours, tugging you close enough to bump against me as we walk* No, I think Duncan might have us tossed out on our ears after last time. *smirks and barely holds back a laugh* That was fun. You that anxious to go back to our room? *sees the look on your face and quickly adds an explaination* No, love, I do want more of you. I'm simply tired of the room. We've had an intimate view of every available surface... *whispering, almost a low throaty growl* A nice dark alley, a doorway, somewhere we aren't supposed to be, that's what sounds good to me right now. *turning quickly to kiss your earlobe and whisper in your ear* Remember the pantry at Billy's club?

Hugo: *supresses a shiver as your lips tickle my ear, desire rolling beneath the surface just from your words and voice alone* aye...i do, me davi'. i do no' suppose ye fancy a turn in ... *looks around, pouting in full when i see neither dark alley or doorway* bugger that, i find neither alley nor doorway *nearly whimpers in frustration, arousal's twisted my mind about and left me unable to think and far too hard* 'ere....*pulls you with me into the elevator with a smirk, the lights low to catch the spaceport's splendor out the glass windows*

Going up? - Warning: NC-17. Very. )
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Stretching like an oversized cat, Duncan lets himself drop on the bed in his shabby little bellhop room.

Great mother of Jupiter swinging a hula hoop and walking through jello - it's great to have an hour off. If that wretch Gray had his way, my lunch hour would be twelve minutes long. And of COURSE he takes a three hour lunch every day. Ha. Takes him two and a half hours at LEAST to convince that gir-er, woman he's seeing to give him a nooner, so I guess the guy needs the extra time.

Now, what would make this a perfect break would be to have a nice warm body tap on my door, preferably holding a bottle of something wet and alcohol-laden.

Duncan proceeds to stare at the door, mentally willing it to produce a knocking noise.


Feb. 6th, 2004 11:12 am
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As I have found, numerous items I brought with me from my time to this are considered 'antiques.' I find it silly that an old coin is valued more than it is worth, but I will not disagree when one chooses to increase my worth over ten-fold (I think perhaps I could have received more for coin, as the shifty-eyed man was not to be trusted, but he possessed a strange weapon for which I do not have a name, it made something disappear, I did not wish this to happen to me).

And so, with this freedom, I have taken to roaming the numerous boutiques in the hotel and along the streets, purchasing new clothing with a thing called 'plastic' which is much easier to carry than my old coin.

I hope my David likes the new clothing. I could tell, even though he would never admit it to myself that he was not fond of my tattered clothing from home, as well the bellboy who would wrinkle his nose in distaste. The lass who aided my search giggled and blushed when I inquired of undergarments as I had been led to believe that such articles of clothing were common in this day, however, one does not apparently try on and ask for opinions (although she did make mention that green was not my color and recommended the blue).

Perhaps a few gifts for David, and then I shall return to our room with arms laden with purchases, including instructional books (beginners reading texts, one called 'slang for dummies'. Am I a dummy? What exactly -is- a dummy?) and a spray which says it will make any room smell as a meadow. I do so miss the fields and open lands of home, but as I ne'er did see Her shining beauty there, I do not miss the sun here.

I do, on the contrary, miss my sheep.
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[NC-17 - interspecies sex, bondage, and a bit of fluff.]

Is this a game? )
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Well, it's time for a review of our guest list. I know guests tend to come and go, after all, a vacation can't last forever! And, er, ahem, sometimes we lose a guest, quite literally although I swear we had those airlocks refurbished just last year!. And that reminds me, I should have a complimentary fruit basket delivered to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] as a good will guesture for not suing us over that little 'incident'. Um, that is, if he's still actually in his room. Duncan saw him sleeping on a park bench the other night. I think I'll send him out to convince our guest that his room is perfectly safe. Now.

Let me look over the rest of this list, hmmm. Tilion, such a delightful person/maia/whatever he is! He's left messages at the desk whenever he's needed to dash away during the full moons (must be nice to be able to freelance once a month), so I'm good with holding his room for him.

I should find Karl Urban and see if he's finding his way about all right. He seemed fairly lost and bewildered when he arrived. I hope he hasn't gotten lost in the back alleys, they can be tricky to navigate, I know.

David was spotted recently in a restaurant with Gabrielle, wearing a napkin on his head. All seems fine with them. Hopefully he's managing to juggle his time well between Hugo and Gabrielle, I do envy him that social skill.

Uruviel and Arthur have been baking cookies in the hotel kitchen. And really, how cute is that? Who knew Arthur was really a romantic hiding inside that hopeless bathrobe?

Now, Jack. This one scares me. I haven't seen him in weeks, and when a pirate goes missing, you just KNOW there's a disaster in the making, somewhere. I think I should up the hotel insurance coverage, just in case. Let me make a note to contact our agent soon.

Beregond and Pippin. Now THOSE two know how to vacation! I swear I've never actually SEEN a "Do Not Disturb" sign wear out from over use, but they've gone through three of them already.

A Colonel Jack O'Neill has reserved Room Nine, but I don't think he's actually arrived at the spaceport. Oh, crap. I hope he hasn't tried using Stargate technology to get here! I remember the last time, oh, no, don't think about THAT. Brrrr.

That leaves Victoria in Room Seven. I have a feeling she may have checked out in the dead of night, but at least she paid in advance. I'll have Duncan check her room soon to see if she's really gone before I put it back on the vacancy list.

Well, that seems to be everyone. Now, where IS that lazy bellhop. There's work to do! DUNCAN!


Jan. 12th, 2004 11:58 pm
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It doesn't take very long to ask around, and soon I have everything I need to make a really large, extremely delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. I've even been shown to a small kitchen, which makes me think that I'm not the first of the spaceport's guests to have a yen for something self cooked.

Did I say everything? I'm missing something. Where's Arthur? I attach a note to the door of the kitchen, explaining that it's still in use, I just had to run and get something, and go searching for my bathrobed friend.
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[Rated NC-17 for interspecies smut]

Pippin: I've never had such a meal, Beregond! Will they have more tomorrow? *with one hand on my belly just in case I might tip over, I trail behind you as I talk, noticing that you seem to be having a much easier time in walking. I recognise this area as the place we passed after first arriving, what the bellhop called the main concourse. Only this time I notice sometime I had not before -- the green under my feet. As green as the grass in the Shire, the soft grass that I would fall upon with a smile on my face and nap in after such a meal as we've had.* Beregond? *stopping to kneel down and feel this grass that may not be grass, bending down more to smell it* It is just like home. *flopping down in it, frowning at the shadow of a large footed... thing that nearly steps upon me*

Oh, water hot is a noble thing. )
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Beregond: *Thanking the bellhop as he shows us to our room, trying to ignore his leering wink as he leaves, I turn my attention back to Pippin, and once again try to grab his hand. He's managed to stick his nose in a half dozen doorways, three potted plants and five suitcases just getting him this far into the hotel* Pippin... THIS room you're allowed to snoop in. It's our room.

Beregond and Pippin arrive for a much needed vacation after helping to save Middle Earth from the powers of evil - rated PG13 for schmoopiness and interspecies fluff. Only you know if this is your cuppa tea. Apparently it's ours. )
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I, Duncan, do hereby declare that I am taking a day off work. It's my due, I haven't had a day off in nearly 7 years and quite frankly, it was a lot easier to arrange than I thought it would be. I only had to use three packets of sedatives in Mr. Gray's coffee. I was pretty sure I'd need at least five. He's getting soft in his old age, I guess.

I've bribed the kitchen staff into checking on the guests tonight and seduced convinced that odd guy from the laundry room to run bellhop duty tonight.

I'm free! I should run through the concourse laughing madly. Eh, I do that every day on my lunch hour anyway. I want to do something different. I know! I'll take a brisk walk through the back alleyways. I haven't checked them out in years. Yeah, a touch of skulking sounds appealing. Where's my trenchcoat, want to go for the full effect.

The alley behind the Ritz is dull tonight, a few tomcats knocking over tin garbage cans, steam rising from the grates. Can't help but laugh though, I know it's all for show. The cats are mechanoids, we haven't used actual garbage cans in decades, and those grates don't go anywhere. The tourists love it though.

I'm no tourist though, and this is tedious. Those cats drive me crazy. Think I'll check out the new arrivals, see if any promising talent is coming our way. Um, first though, that one cat's acting funny. I think they have some controls in their paws, let me see if I can get him back in alignment, get that wobble under control

~~~ Time passes, much tinkering and cursing is heard ~~~

ShitShitShit. THAT'S why it was wobbling. This stupid robot is stuffed full of contraband. Someone's using the damned cats to hide their stash. Can't tell what this stuff is, though, could be anything in these bags. Let me get over here under this light and take a closer look. "Class 3X Aphrodesiac, Purity Level 12".

Damn. I love days off. Come with me, pretty powder, come to Daddy Duncan.
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A few days after this unfortunate incident occured, a loud 'Thoomp' noise was heard in Spaceport Weini's debarkation area, and one rather bedraggled Mr. Arthur Dent was deposited directly in front of the baggage claim area. He did not arrive via the convenience of public transport, however, but instead seemed to emerge from a shimmering vortexy birdsnest-shaped portal gadget.

He did indeed land directly on his sorry ass.

Twelve seconds later the aforementioned Mr. Dent had scrambled to his feet, brushed his bathrobe back into its usual dilapidated state, and was striding towards the main concourse.

He would find that cursed hotel, patently refuse to pay his bill, give them a small piece of his mind and find a nice park bench to call home. He smiled in the knowledge that the in-house movie system would hold no future sway on his sanity, either.

Arthur held out litle hope that Uruviel might still be here on her vacation, but he couldn't help scanning the crowds for any sign of her. Hope springs eternal, even with the truly hopeless.
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DUNCAN! Get your lazy, taut arse over here! And zip yourself, I don't need any extra visual torment. *pauses, waits for it* Better.

Now then. We have new arrivals due any time, and I need you to get room ten ready for them. Seems they have sent along a very specific list of demands requirements and I need you to be sure their room is outfitted just the way they've asked.

Now then. Listen up. DUNCAN, look at me, not at that bit of crumpet leaving the lobby now, you've seen shorter skirts. Show a little self control. Here's the first list, from a Mr. Peregrin Took who is registered for Room Ten.

1. a mirror
2. razor
3. shaving cream
4. towels
5. bubble bath
6. bathtub
7. lots of ale
8. bags of fritos
9. basket of peaches
10. a blank journal
11. a pen
12. a length of elven rope
13. a big fluffy pillow
14. one small firm pillow
15. a tall and sturdy stool chair
16. scented oils
17. Beregond

The second list is from a Mr. Beregond, also checking into room ten.

1. Pippin
2. A rather large Do Not Disturb sign for the door.
3. NO FIRE WHATSOEVER in the room. No candles, no fireplaces, and most importantly, NO PYRES.
4. A basket of ripe pears.
5. A very large bed, something about as far removed from a regulation soldier's cot as possible.

Got that, dolt, er, I mean Duncan? Then get TO it, and stop ogling that man at the elevators! I happen to know he's a monk! How do I know? Never mind. Get to work.

I'm back!

Dec. 29th, 2003 05:16 pm
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The monorail dings again, and I exit, making my way back to the hotel. I haven't been gone long, just long enough to go help my boss with her baby, but I didn't have time to tell anyone first and I hope I haven't caused any problems. Walking confidently through the halls, I stand before room 6, trying to decide whether to try my touch as the key or not.

Shaking my head at my own silliness, I touch the lock. The door slides open easily, and I let out a tiny breath I hadn't realized I was holding.

The stars are compelling as always, but I am too elated to meditate this time. Washing and changing is the work of mere moments, and I head back out into the halls. I want to celebrate, even if no one else here knows why. Humming softly, I go looking for someone to maybe have a drink with. There are a lot of people in a hotel, after all. I'm sure I can find someone.
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Gabrielle: ::wanders slowly down the hall, sees Room 7, Room 8:: Ah ha. ::knocks, no answer:: ::knocks again::

David: *crawls from bed and tries to rearrange my hair, probably making it worse, wrapping a sheet around my waist and staggering to the door* Um, hello! Do... do I know you?

Ares told me to look you up )
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*drops bags on the floor, rings bell*

Hi, yes. I need a room for a few weeks days. *waits while being checked in*

I was told to look up *checks scroll in bag* Dave? *reads note again from Ares: decadent_david? facepalms*

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Damned airlocks. We were TOLD there was a safety check done on them just last month? Or was it last year, hell, I can't be expected to keep track of ALL these trivial matters.

Anyway. I was checking Arthur Dent's room, and found it empty. Really empty. I mean, completely EMPTY, devoid of all contents. Including him. Even the oxygen was gone. Good thing I had that little operation that lets me not explode when I walk into a vacuum. No, won't give details, it's just a thing we spacebound workers get done, our insurance companies usually insist on it.

We got the airlock re-secured and brought in new furnishings, so the place should be ready for the next guest, life goes on, all that bull.

And dammit, was that David I saw streaking through the lobby with a fine looking bit of man on his arm? I think it was. (don't click that link if you are at work, it's NC17). Okay, so scratch him off the menu for tonight. Maybe I can find Jack and see if he really does need a Cabin Boy.

I should check the other rooms - haven't heard much from Victoria, or that pretty elfling, or that sweet little moon-boy for a while. I hope this airlock situation isn't chronic. Damn.


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