Jan. 4th, 2004

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I, Duncan, do hereby declare that I am taking a day off work. It's my due, I haven't had a day off in nearly 7 years and quite frankly, it was a lot easier to arrange than I thought it would be. I only had to use three packets of sedatives in Mr. Gray's coffee. I was pretty sure I'd need at least five. He's getting soft in his old age, I guess.

I've bribed the kitchen staff into checking on the guests tonight and seduced convinced that odd guy from the laundry room to run bellhop duty tonight.

I'm free! I should run through the concourse laughing madly. Eh, I do that every day on my lunch hour anyway. I want to do something different. I know! I'll take a brisk walk through the back alleyways. I haven't checked them out in years. Yeah, a touch of skulking sounds appealing. Where's my trenchcoat, want to go for the full effect.

The alley behind the Ritz is dull tonight, a few tomcats knocking over tin garbage cans, steam rising from the grates. Can't help but laugh though, I know it's all for show. The cats are mechanoids, we haven't used actual garbage cans in decades, and those grates don't go anywhere. The tourists love it though.

I'm no tourist though, and this is tedious. Those cats drive me crazy. Think I'll check out the new arrivals, see if any promising talent is coming our way. Um, first though, that one cat's acting funny. I think they have some controls in their paws, let me see if I can get him back in alignment, get that wobble under control

~~~ Time passes, much tinkering and cursing is heard ~~~

ShitShitShit. THAT'S why it was wobbling. This stupid robot is stuffed full of contraband. Someone's using the damned cats to hide their stash. Can't tell what this stuff is, though, could be anything in these bags. Let me get over here under this light and take a closer look. "Class 3X Aphrodesiac, Purity Level 12".

Damn. I love days off. Come with me, pretty powder, come to Daddy Duncan.
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Beregond: *Thanking the bellhop as he shows us to our room, trying to ignore his leering wink as he leaves, I turn my attention back to Pippin, and once again try to grab his hand. He's managed to stick his nose in a half dozen doorways, three potted plants and five suitcases just getting him this far into the hotel* Pippin... THIS room you're allowed to snoop in. It's our room.

Beregond and Pippin arrive for a much needed vacation after helping to save Middle Earth from the powers of evil - rated PG13 for schmoopiness and interspecies fluff. Only you know if this is your cuppa tea. Apparently it's ours. )


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