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Hugo: *walks down the pathway, keeping to myself*

David: *stares and drools a little*

Hugo: *flushes and looks at the ground* Sir. Ye be drooling upon yerself.

David: *completely goes to inner mush at your stammering* *wipes my face with an expensive lace hankie* Couldn't help it. You make me hungry.

Hugo: 'ungry? Ye be mistaken, ah reckon. I be no food, kin' sir.

David: *notices the look on your face and realizes you don't recognize me. The bellhop had warned me that time travelers can experience some amnesia, and told me a rather embarrassing story of my first few hours here. Which of course I didn't remember* I could be mistaken, but I rarely am. I'm David. Do you remember your name, young Sir?

Hugo: *looks thoughtful for a moment before my face falls* Och, nay, shoul' I remember me name? Whot iffen I di' no' 'ave one ter begin wit? *panics*

David: *gently takes you by the arm, would much rather grab more parts all at once but I don't want to scare you* I think your name is Hugo. *glances down at your worn leather bag with the nametag on it reading "Hugo". Do you need help finding your hotel? *knowing full well I've had you booked right into my own room*

Hugo: 'ugo...'ugo...i' does no' strike me as...*frowns, then nods* aye, I tink tha' be correct. 'ugo. tha' be me. *smiles* 'otel? i be needin' a place ter stay...i do no' know iffen i 'ave ... i canno' afford ter be stayin' a' a 'otel. i shoul' find meself a 'ostel.

David: *already leading you out to the main concourse* Don't worry, Hugo, I have a feeling everything will work out just fine for you. *pausing, turning to really look at your face, it's been too long since I've seen you and it's all I can do not to smother you in kisses* Let me buy you drink for now, I'm sure you need a bit of rest after your journey today. *grins* Whiskey for you, I would think.

Hugo: *eyeing you curiously, i follow, how is it that you know of me and i remember nothing of you* whiskey, please. 'ow is i'....tha' ye know me name?

David: *winking and grinning at you and dearly hoping your memory will return soon, I'm dying without a kiss here* It's on your luggage. And, well, you remind me of someone I haven't seen in a long, long time. His name was Hugo. *far off look* I miss him.

Hugo: oh, ye know a 'ugo as well? that' be unusual, no? 'ugo is no' a common name, iffen me memory serves me 'owever faulty me memory be. whot was 'e like? yer 'ugo?

David: *slides into a quiet booth in the Comet's Tail, tugs you to sit near me* He was a wonderful man. Very loyal to those he loved, great strength of both will and muscle. He took care of his family above all else. *flags a waitress, orders two whiskeys* He was as handsome as you are... and I loved him. I still do.

Hugo: 'e is a lucky man, yer 'ugo. *looks you over, feeling a stir i did not know i would feel, should i have known i would feel a stir?* ye be a 'andsome man yerself. ah remember....ah tink ah 'ad a family as well, bu' i do no' remember i'.

David: Oh, I would be the lucky one, if I could but have him back in my arms again. *suppresses another urge to envelope you in a tight hug* I think if you just relax a while you'll probably start to remember. At least I hope so. *adds hastily* for your sake. *our drinks arrive, I raise mine in a toast towards you* May you find your memory again, soon, Hugo.

Hugo: *catching myself from kissing the lips i had been staring at with such intent, i raise my glass as you do, licking my lips as i think of what it would be to kiss the lips speaking words, word i ought be listening to* aye, ter me memory an' ter ye findin' yer love. *clings our glasses, taking a sip of my whiskey*

David: *drinking deeply, staring into your eyes although I note you do not meet my gaze* Perhaps we will both find what we need. Until then, I shall enjoy the pleasure of your company here, Hugo, if that is all right with you. *thinking that after your memory returns, I will continue the pleasure but in a more private room*

Hugo: i shoul' enjoy tha', bu' i do no' know yer name, kin' sir. *flushes at a memory that crosses my mind, silk ties and careful hands and i nearly choke on my next sip of whiskey, shifting uncomfortably in my seat*

David: *a bit concerned at your expression, I wonder briefly if you are in pain* My name is David. *repetition might help him* David Wenham. *small laugh* My Hugo used to call me Davi'.

Hugo: t'is a pleasure, davi', ter mee' yer acquaintance. *another image crosses my mind, more a feeling, being....taken...claimed...in the most personal of ways and i cannot help the stuttering of my words nor the rise in temperature of the room, i believe someone most certainly has lit a fire* f-f-from whot lands do ye hail, davi'?

David: *biting my lip to keep from grinning, I wonder if the travel effects might be starting to wear off, you seem flustered* I am from America. But more recently of Paris. And even more recently, I moved to Ireland with my Hugo. To a beautiful country home with pasture land as far as the eye can see. I think of it often. I think of him more.

Hugo: paris? j'ai plaisir à faire des tours à Paris la nuit. *slaps a hand over my mouth, startled by the words which pour from my lips* i do no'....do no' understand davi'. *sees myself in a pasture, rolling about in the grass, with someone, some...man...some...you...it is you in my mind but how is it that you are there when i have only just met you and oh the things you do with your hands...* davi'? 'ow...i be yer 'ugo? 'ow is this?

David: *finally. At last I dare to slide an arm around your shoulders, pulling you towards me* You are indeed my Hugo, you simply couldn't remember it for a while. The trip here plays tricks on the mind, I felt them too when I came. It's starting to come back to you now, right? *hesitates, then takes a deep breath and brushes a kiss across your lips, taste of whiskey and you mingled to the point of leaving me barely able to breathe*

Hugo: *nearly coming undone with the simple brief kiss, i remember more, parts are still blank to me but the remembrance of your smell, your taste, the way you feel is sharp and i all but draw you completely within me as i cling to your clothing, fingers digging into your arms and lips returning your brief kiss with a fierceness which might frighten me if i but thought beyond this moment and the desperate passion playing on my tongue*

David: *This is more the Hugo I remember and love, the pure outpouring of passion nearly overwhelms me, but I don't care and if he pushes me past the breaking point of need, then I will just have to hope I won't break, because I will deny him nothing. Drinks sit forgotten on the table as we grapple in the booth, twisting to try to touch as much as we dare, be as close as we can be, this kiss becoming all consuming. At long last it ends and I feel an actual physical pang at our parting* Hugo. You do have a hotel room waiting for you, it's mine, I've already arranged for you to stay there. *gulps, eyes never leaving yours* I wish we were there this instant. *slides from the bench, tugging your arm, waving vaguely at the bartender who merely winks and smiles and makes a note on David's running tab*

Hugo: ye take goo' care o' yer 'ugo, davi'. 'e be a very lucky man fer certain. *hand twisting within yours as we walk quickly to the hotel, somewhere i notice the oddities of the new world i find myself in but how could it be that different from paris?* i 'av missed ye, davi'. *words tickle your ear as we walk, my voice growled low and no louder than a whisper, whisper reserved for you and you alone as i smile suddenly, seeing a darkened doorway and pull you with me as i dive into the recesses, hitting the wall with a grunt but i do not care as my hands search for skin beneath the coat you wear, stealing a heated kiss in reminiscent fashion of our first*

David: *Immediately I know what game you play, and I approve, pressing you back against the wall and furtively shoving my hands around your back, pulling at your shirt, fingers crawling beneath your waistband and I fleetingly wonder if this resort would mind two guests taking full advantage of a dark doorway. Ah, but doorways contain doors and doors can be unexpectedly opened* I missed you too, Hugo. I knew you'd find your way here eventually. *dives in for another hard, needy kiss, long lick of your lips as I pull away again* You just took your damned time about it, didn't you? I hope you'll be making that up to me somehow. Tonight.

Hugo: *licks my lips, tasting and remembering, i barely remember what you said so distracted was i by the quick rise and fall of your chest, a chest i wish to rake my nails over and hear you moan in response, finally my eyes drop lower, past your waistband to the bulge in the odd clothing you wear, palm pushingpressingsliding it's way down the hard length before returning lightly to the top, not an action i would have taken the lifetime-ago when we first found ourselves in a dark doorway but one i feel free to take and enjoy now* ye di' no' leave me much ter find ye, davi'. t'was right lucky i di', i be certain. p'raps i be de one who needs ter be made up ter...*smirks as my hand curls around to your backside, squeezing it as i pull you close, grinding my hips slow and sure against you as i reclaim your lips*

David: Let's make it up to each other. I'm... really not certain how or why I left, or how I got here. *puzzled face, but it doesn't stop me fromletting my hips grind back, or stop the deep inhale of breath anticipating what's yet to come* But now you're here, and I always knew you would be some day. *smirks, slapping you across one cheek, not hard, but not lightly either* You took your damned time, though! Do you have any -idea- the things I want to do to you now? *with a low growl, I yank you from the doorway, ignoring the fact that your shirts a mess and untucked, or that I can barely walk I'm so hard, and I pull us towards the hotel entrance as fast as I'm able to walk*

Hugo: *flushing crimson to match my reddened cheek i picture what you wish to do to me, i know of many possibilities and this thrills and overwhelms, i can do little else but follow you as i am pulled into the hotel, smiling proudly despite my unkempt state at the bellhop, perhaps i smile to spite the bellhop, i do only wish you would quicken your pace, i do not desire to tend my carnal wishes in the hotel lobby, and given the state in which i find myself i do not believe i will care where or how just so long as i am with you and you are with me and you are taking me with the ferocity to rival an irishman's lust* do ye 'ave any idea de thin's i wish ye ter do ter me?

David: I don't want the ideas, Hugo *shoving you through the door to my room and against the wall, clawing at your shirt* I want the man with the head full of ideas to play them out upon me, rather than making me guess what's on your mind. *managing to get your shirt down to your wrists, grins, and quickly whips your shirt round your wrists until you are bound with it, hands behind your back* Now, that is an interesting sight. Come. *pulls you by the waist towards the bed, nudges you to lie on it, your hands still bound behind you. I grin, and repeat your words back at you, voice shaking with need* Do you have any idea the things I wish to do to you?

Hugo: *tugging at the shirt binding my wrists, i find myself securely tied despite the little time it took you to accomplish the feat. thrill courses through me as i can do nothing but look and feel as i lay panting on the bed, squirming to catch your attention to my hips, i need to be touched, i need -your- touch* aye, i thin' i do, an' i wish ye hasten yer actions...i need ye, davi'. le do thoil...please...davi'...we can make love an' move wit' slow-ease another time bu' no' now, davi'. fuck me, claim me, take me now, davi', i be yers an' i need... *pride aside, i beg, my body twisting aching and desperate, trembling in anticipation and restraint* i need ye, i need whot ye wish, i need ye now le do thoil davi', mo grá, le do thoil....

David: *I had almost forgotten the effect Hugo's accent has on me. With a low throaty growl I grab you by your hips, hands soaking up the heat of your skin, it's been too long since I touched you* I need you too, and I -will- fuck you, will have you, god I need you... Get on your knees, Hugo... need to figure this out, I don't want to unbind your hands. You look so beautiful bound this way, love. *pulling you back against me to lean on my chest, your hands trapped between us, my erection pressing hard against your ass, just reveling in my owning of your body, mine to do what I will with* On your side, I think, I can take you and not need to unbind you. *kissing along your neck, brushing lips against your hair, breathing your scent* I will free you later, but... not now. I need you to be my captive. *pushing you forward to fall to the bed, as I step back and reach into the nightstand for one of the many different lubes Duncan has packed the drawer with* Curl on your side, love, I want to take you this way.

Hugo: *falls and curls the way you have gestured, straining against the shirt in my need to touch, to feel you, i have not touched you in so long yet you bind me and refuse to lend aid to my questing fingers which twist and curl in efforts to still themselves, looking at your body as you move i feel my mouth go dry and heart race in anticipation knowing that is mine, you are mine as i am yours and my arms pull at the shirt, i can feel the muscles clenching as i am forced to just watch frustrated and wanting* please, davi'....ye be takin' yer time, i believe.

David: *fingers twitching as I squeeze glistening gel onto them, I smirk and toss the tube across the room, there is more where I found this and I'm not in the mood for being neat and proper, not tonight* Please? There's a good boy, a polite one, too. *dropping behind you, intently studying your curved form, reaching to press two fingers at once into you* Can you say thank you, David? I'll give you more if you want. I think you do want more, don't you my pretty Hugo... *a third finger disappears, I feel you bucking against my hand, and I bite my lip against my cock's twitching need for you* Hugo... *presses, twists fingers, curls them* I love you.

Hugo: aye! *your words and your teasing and your touch are my undoing, for so long i have waited, waited and searched, now i have found you and this moment is perhaps more overpowering than the first time we lay together, my orgasm catching me by surprise as your fingers curl within me and only the soft feather-light blanket feeling so heavy against my cock providing the touch I crave as i spill my release on the bedding and my fire-hot skin* och davi', gráim thú ... go síoraí...davi'... *purrs, a small part of me realizing you have not yet found your pleasure but i am quite certain that will momentarily be resolved and i can feel the embarrassment of not maintaining my control longer than a boy yet in his teens after ... long ... after ...* davi' ... please ....*gasps out, pushing back against your hand, beckoning...begging....*

David: *a little surprised, but also I feel a thrill at seeing you unable to contain yourself, as you surrender to my touch. I reach across with the hand that isn't busy inside you to touch your cock, raising damp fingers to my lips as you twist to watch me* The taste of you can still make me drunk... I wish more of that soon, your next time will be within my lips. *fingers leaving you, my cock pressing hard against you just there, slipping slightly in* Your hands are between us, and I would rather they be on me now. *fumbling and nearly knotting the shirt tighter, I manage to get it off and flip it over the headboard, then grab your hips and press fully into you with a whimper-scream* But the next release will be my own. I've waited much too long for this. *pulling back and thrusting in again, the first but not the last thrust as I quickly start setting a rhythm of movement against you*

Hugo: *curls a leg back over yours, growling at the familiar tang of painpleasure as you fill me quickly, one hand twisting into the skin of your thigh, pulling you, pushing you, using you for what leverage i can muster as you slip in and quickly out before again and again until i fear the ringing in my ears as the breath rasps from my lips will echo forever into the night*

David: *hanging onto your hips hard, you'll have bruises tomorrow but I'm sure I can cover them in kisses when I'm feeling a little saner. My head bends low until my lips meet your neck, and then I'm nipping, biting, pumping in you, and it's coming, I know I can't hold back and really, I do not wish to. I want to come in you, come hard and loud and hot, I want to collapse to the bed with you, smile and laugh and kiss everything I see, but I cannot do that until I first do this, and with a scream of your name I do, shoving hard, pushing you nearly a foot across the blankets in my effort to be as deep as I can be in you when I spill* My god, Hugo, love you.. *babbles a little* Iloveyoumarrymelustyousomuch.

Hugo: mmm...*wraps my arm around you, fingers trickling over the small of your, pretty much the only thing i can reach right now but it is touch and i do not wish to move, tilting my head just so so that i might rub my cheek you lips, hot breath near burning my skin, content to remain here...like this...far into tonight, tomorrow, the next year...* i love ye as well, davi'...forev-*pauses as i realize what you have just said, wondering if you meant what you said in the heat of passion or if it were simply that, words spoken in the heat of passion...* di' ye .... ye...i ... *afraid to speak, perhaps if i remain silent, no answer will be given to my unasked question, far too afraid you did not mean what you said and will retract, there would be nothing i wished more but...maybe i misheard you, perhaps you did not mean what you said and then would i be forcing you if i were to question?*

David: *gasping for breath, twisting till we are facing each other, I miss that full view of your face, need to see your expression full-on as I realize what I said, my mind clutching at your scraps of reply, wondering what you think of me now* Did I? I.. think I did. *nods, incredulous, decides to stop talking and lick your lips, kiss down to your chin, along your jaw, not sure what more to say but I'm good at blurting things out so I suspect I'll find a way* If I had said... well, would you say...? *now that is a concise, clear question, David. Bravo*

Hugo: iffen....iffen ye 'ad said...said whot ye said...*speaking slowly and carefully choosing my words, fearing i will shatter the thin ice i feel we are walking on, do you mean you meant what you said? or are you, perhaps, feeling this out for yet another time, far in the future? i do not wish you to make a quick decision, but the decision appeals to me so* i woul' 'asten ter respond wit' an affirmation an' p'raps a kiss...?

David: *still can't believe I've started down this road with Hugo, but even though it was a slip to say the words, they came out so easily, and it didn't feel wrong. *finding Hugo's hands and twisting my fingers in and out of his, nervously, suddenly feeling like I'm the younger of the two of us, awkward, stammering* It would gain me a kiss? I would like your kisses for a lifetime, yes... then. *wonders if I'm shaking or just feeling like I am* Then would you marry me?

Hugo: *hearing your words my mouth goes dry and my heart beats loud in my ears, you have asked...you have asked and you have meant what you asked, it is not in passing...it is meant and you wish me to marry you....* i woul' wish fer nothin' more than ter marry ye, my davi'... *breaking into a broad smile at what i have said, at to what i have agreed, i place a soft kiss against your lips, deepening it quickly after the first taste and before your protest of such a chaste kiss...*

David: *Your kiss says Yes to me more than your words, although hearing the words is wonderful. I would wonder what it is we have gotten ourselves into now, but it seems my body doesn't care, it's too busy wrapping arms and legs around you, sinking deeper into that kiss... but in the back of my mind a small thought flies by, wondering how these things are done in this strange time and place we've fallen into. Perhaps it's best we not be in our own world right now, it stil does not understand two such as us*

Hugo: *after a time, i realize i still have yet to discover where we are, why we are here and how it is i arrived, i do not know the reasons, but i am with you and that is all that matters for the time as we twist beneath the bedcovers, to be married some day, the thought thrills me and although i am away from my family, i have you and that is all that i wish for* gráim thú, davi'.


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