Jan. 22nd, 2004

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Well, it's time for a review of our guest list. I know guests tend to come and go, after all, a vacation can't last forever! And, er, ahem, sometimes we lose a guest, quite literally although I swear we had those airlocks refurbished just last year!. And that reminds me, I should have a complimentary fruit basket delivered to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] as a good will guesture for not suing us over that little 'incident'. Um, that is, if he's still actually in his room. Duncan saw him sleeping on a park bench the other night. I think I'll send him out to convince our guest that his room is perfectly safe. Now.

Let me look over the rest of this list, hmmm. Tilion, such a delightful person/maia/whatever he is! He's left messages at the desk whenever he's needed to dash away during the full moons (must be nice to be able to freelance once a month), so I'm good with holding his room for him.

I should find Karl Urban and see if he's finding his way about all right. He seemed fairly lost and bewildered when he arrived. I hope he hasn't gotten lost in the back alleys, they can be tricky to navigate, I know.

David was spotted recently in a restaurant with Gabrielle, wearing a napkin on his head. All seems fine with them. Hopefully he's managing to juggle his time well between Hugo and Gabrielle, I do envy him that social skill.

Uruviel and Arthur have been baking cookies in the hotel kitchen. And really, how cute is that? Who knew Arthur was really a romantic hiding inside that hopeless bathrobe?

Now, Jack. This one scares me. I haven't seen him in weeks, and when a pirate goes missing, you just KNOW there's a disaster in the making, somewhere. I think I should up the hotel insurance coverage, just in case. Let me make a note to contact our agent soon.

Beregond and Pippin. Now THOSE two know how to vacation! I swear I've never actually SEEN a "Do Not Disturb" sign wear out from over use, but they've gone through three of them already.

A Colonel Jack O'Neill has reserved Room Nine, but I don't think he's actually arrived at the spaceport. Oh, crap. I hope he hasn't tried using Stargate technology to get here! I remember the last time, oh, no, don't think about THAT. Brrrr.

That leaves Victoria in Room Seven. I have a feeling she may have checked out in the dead of night, but at least she paid in advance. I'll have Duncan check her room soon to see if she's really gone before I put it back on the vacancy list.

Well, that seems to be everyone. Now, where IS that lazy bellhop. There's work to do! DUNCAN!


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