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As I have found, numerous items I brought with me from my time to this are considered 'antiques.' I find it silly that an old coin is valued more than it is worth, but I will not disagree when one chooses to increase my worth over ten-fold (I think perhaps I could have received more for coin, as the shifty-eyed man was not to be trusted, but he possessed a strange weapon for which I do not have a name, it made something disappear, I did not wish this to happen to me).

And so, with this freedom, I have taken to roaming the numerous boutiques in the hotel and along the streets, purchasing new clothing with a thing called 'plastic' which is much easier to carry than my old coin.

I hope my David likes the new clothing. I could tell, even though he would never admit it to myself that he was not fond of my tattered clothing from home, as well the bellboy who would wrinkle his nose in distaste. The lass who aided my search giggled and blushed when I inquired of undergarments as I had been led to believe that such articles of clothing were common in this day, however, one does not apparently try on and ask for opinions (although she did make mention that green was not my color and recommended the blue).

Perhaps a few gifts for David, and then I shall return to our room with arms laden with purchases, including instructional books (beginners reading texts, one called 'slang for dummies'. Am I a dummy? What exactly -is- a dummy?) and a spray which says it will make any room smell as a meadow. I do so miss the fields and open lands of home, but as I ne'er did see Her shining beauty there, I do not miss the sun here.

I do, on the contrary, miss my sheep.

Date: 2004-02-07 12:59 am (UTC)
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This is the most fascinating hotel room I have ever stayed in, and I have seen the interiors of a lot of hotels, both as a guest and in my line of work, shall we say.

The view is breathtaking. In fact, from what the bellhop has told me, it is quite literally breathtaking, and that I should be cautious around anything marked 'air lock'. This will be quite a challenge for my curious nature, as anything marked 'lock' tends to make me fidget with the picking tool I tend to always carry.

I've spent the past few hours relaxing on the bed, stretched out on my stomach, chin propped one one hand while the other presses the small buttons on the wand I have been told is called a remote control. A box of moving pictures dances from scene to scene each time I press it, and I have have my eyes and mind filled with images such as I never thought I would see outside of a bordello! Not all have been this bawdy, though, I did discover one tale presented to us by a person named Disney, however it proved to be very dull.

I wish Hugo would return from his explorations soon. Some of these moving pictures have reminded me of a few adventures of our own.

Date: 2004-02-07 07:38 am (UTC)
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Looking up, I'm amazed to see a trim, dapper, well dressed and extremely handsome Hugo entering the room, spilling packets and bags everywhere. Laughing, I roll off the bed and rush to help him pick up his parcels, bringing them back to lay out on the bed.

"Did you pick up every trinket at this resort, Hugo? Look at all this! I don't even know what half these items are." I pick up and dangling what's been called a DVD case between my fingers as I speak, the cover emblazoned with the words Better Than Sex. "I do not think the writer of this moving picture has had proper sex before. But we can see what it is he thinks is better, perhaps?"

Laughing, I tug you to sit by me, pushing aside the packets for a moment in my excitement to show you something I found myself earlier today. "Hugo! Look at the cover of this. It's you, I swear it is. It looks just like you. I've been told these 'DVD' boxes hold circles of metal that have the magic to hold entire moving pictures on them. This picture is titled The Right Hand Man."

"This resort we stay in, it is a magical place! So many strange folk travel here, have you noticed? I think that Jules Verne fellow would have a heyday here." I notice the look of utter confusion on your face, and laughing, I lean to kiss you soundly before letting loose with more excited babble. "He is a writer of fictional stories, but such amazing ones! They could truly come true someday long in the future. And Hugo, don't you feel as if we are in the future here? I think... well, you'll call me crazy but as long as you still kiss me and more I don't care if you call me a lunatic..." David continues to babble, arms wrapped around Hugo, occasionaly dabbing a kiss here, stealing a lick there, as he tries to explain what's been running through his mind all afternoon. "Parallel worlds, Hugo! Other places like Earth with exact duplicates of us all living on them, doing things differently than us, living different lives!" I'm waving the DVD in front of his face, my finger jabbing at the picture of Hugo on the cover. The words even mention him by his own name, he cannot deny this!

"I want to watch this right now. And I want to watch it in bed, with you, holding a bowl of ice cream. I fear this resort is bring out the spoiled brat child in me but you will simply have to cope with it, my love. Now, I wonder where we put this disk to make the moving pictures come out?"

Date: 2004-02-08 08:58 am (UTC)
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I hear Hugo say two simple words that give me the hint I need that perhaps I've gone too far, and as I pause I do finally realize I've been babbling like a madman.

"Your trousers. Indeed, you've outdone yourself, Hugo. My tailor back in New York could not have chosen a nicer pair. Stand up?" As Hugo stands, I run my hand down his leg, the material is indeed quite fine. "They look wonderful, and you look quite handsome." I stand with you now, my hands resting on your hips, stroking the fabric, enjoying the lean muscle beneath.

"I'm sorry - I was just so excited by so many new discoveries today." My hands slide up to your waist, then behind you to the small of your back, fingers brushing over the material of your new shirt. "This is quite nice, too. but please tell me you haven't tossed out all of your clothes in favor of new ones? I rather like some of them on you. They remind me who you are and where you come from. And how lucky I am to have found you in spite of the odds against us."

Date: 2004-02-10 02:57 am (UTC)
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"Now, that is perhaps the finest idea you have had all day. I think you should indeed carefully take off those grand new clothes so they don't get wrinkled laying about the room tonight."

I send you off with a slap on your rump to do this, thoughts of moving pictures set aside while I simply admire the act of you stripping and hanging up your suit. With a grin, I roll my eyes towards a whiskey bottle on the table, then pat the bed next to me. Oh, wait. This won't do at all. Quickly I push out of my own clothes, then sprawl back on the bed, not bothering to get under the covers.

"I thought perhaps we could watch one of our other selves in these moving pictures. The description noted that these were stories of an adult nature." Grinning, I reach for a coin on the side table, and toss it casually in the air. "Heads, we see what we can learn from that handsome David fellow. Tails, I get the rare opportunity to leer at two Hugos at once. And perhaps the one close at hand will try to out-do anything his rival performs on the screen. I'm a willing test subject."

"Are you game?"

Date: 2004-02-11 03:50 am (UTC)
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Flipping the coin, I wish for luck and slap it against the bedspread. Heads it is. So much for my luck. Well, then, now I suppose I need to figure out how these DVD contraptions work.

"Think I should call Duncan for some help with this? Er, wait, no. Unless you WANT a threesome tonight."

Standing, I pry open the DVD casing using my lockpicking tool. The disk inside is round, not overly big. I stare at the player, and notice a button marked Power. Pressing it, many lights spring to life. So far, so good. Peering at every inch of the device, I notice a slot about the right size. Laughing, I turn to wink at Hugo. "If something looks like it might fit somewhere else, I suppose one should just attempt sticking it in!"

Amazingly, the machine accepts the disk. But then nothing happens. Scowling, I poke and prod at everything in sight. A button marked "Play" seems to do the trick though, and soon I'm back on the bed, settling down crosslegged, tugging Hugo's head to rest on my thigh as the moving picture begins to play.
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