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Gabrielle: ::wanders slowly down the hall, sees Room 7, Room 8:: Ah ha. ::knocks, no answer:: ::knocks again::

David: *crawls from bed and tries to rearrange my hair, probably making it worse, wrapping a sheet around my waist and staggering to the door* Um, hello! Do... do I know you?

Gabrielle: ::sees sheet:: Uh, oh. Interrupting? ::smiles:: Names, Gabrielle. Ares told me to look you up. You know, big dude, leather. Lots of attitude?

David: *scratches head, hmm. Leather, big guy, well, that could be a few folk I know. No matter. This one is rather cute* Not interrupting, it's fine. Come on in, just whisper a little. *grins and eyes bed* Recuperating. He's out cold.

Gabrielle: ::smiles again:: I wouldn't doubt you know many men that fit that description. ::eyes person on bed:: Well, he looks... happy. ::smirks, and turns around to face you again:: So do you. Well rested. I was sent here, specifically to rest. I was told to have a 'good time', whatever that means.

David: *nods, looking around the room for my pants, ah, in the chandelier. Reaching to pull them down and shimmying into them under my sheet, letting it drop to the floor* You should be able to find a good time here, I would think. Especially if you like drinking and... er, well.... *eyes bed again, smirking* If you like we could go look about together, if I can find my shirt....

Gabrielle: That sounds like fun. ::looks around, sees shirt on floor, hesitates to give it back:: Here you are. ::smiles::

David: Ah, thank you. *shrugs into it, again tries to comb my hair with my fingers* There's a very good bar here, and quite a few shops. What are you in the mood for? My treat. *quietly leads you from the suite, closing the door gently* If Hugo wakes, I'm sure he will find his own trouble. He's fairly good at that himself!

Gabrielle: ::takes bags to her room, and locks them up:: Well, I am good for anything. I must confess the only thing I have eaten is traditional Greek food, so I am open to ideas. What do you recommend? I was told that Tex-Mex is good.

David: I'm a little hungry now too, I don't think I've eaten since yesterday, now that I think of it. *tries to think what kinds of restaurants I have seen here* I do not know what "Tex-Mex" is, but there is much to be found. We could walk, and see if we can find you this. Anything but French food would be wonderful, I've had my fill of that!

Gabrielle: French food? As in Gaul? Wow, they have their own food now. ::walks along with you checking out the store fronts and restaurants:: ::points to Italian place:: That looks good, I think. Bistro Weini?

David: *nods* I've not tried this place, let's take a chance then, shall we? *holds the door open for you, is immediately assaulted by the aroma of sauces and pastas* Ah. This smells like New York to me!

Gabrielle: It looks great! ::waits as they are lead to a table, sits when you hold the chair out for me::

Gabrielle: ::looks around has menu brought over, looks at it, can't understand any of it:: Um, excuse me? ::to waiter:: Is there anything that doesn't have squid, not a squid fan you understand. ::is shown the left side of the menu where the pasta is:: Thanks. ::to Dave when the waiter leaves:: Do you understand this language? ::laughs::

David: *thinks you have a very nice laugh, as I glance at the menu, and notice it's in fairly simple English* I can read it, sure. Let's see. Perhaps some lasagna for you? Noodles and meat and tomato sauce? Or pizza! You might like pizza. It's fun to eat, you get to use your fingers.

Gabrielle: Pizza! Sounds very good. I love finger ::smiles:: food. So, what does it come with? I am entirely in your hands.

David: *is no stranger to innuendo, suppresses a smirk and settles for a smile* Tomato sauce, very messy, but it's acceptable to lick your fingers. Perhaps some olives on ours? And pepperoni. I would think you haven't tasted pepperoni. Very spicy, nice to nibble. In fact, pizza is very good for people who enjoy nibbling.

Gabrielle: Nibbling, my favorite pastime. I shall defer to your advice and I look forward to nibbling on your pepperoni. :: smiles:: What shall we have to drink?

David: I think some beer would be a good compliment to the pizza. *pauses, wonders if you've even heard of beer, it seems you come from so long ago!* Do you know beer? For that matter, do you drink alcohol? I don't want to presume.

Gabrielle: Beer? ::searches memory:: You mean ale? Lager? Yes, I drink it. Actually, that and wine are two of my favorite things to have. Otherwise it's mostly water while on the road. ::smiles::

David: Yes! It's like ale or lager, only weaker, I think. Ah, but this is a resort, and Duncan has told me that most anythiing we wish might be found here. Let's try ordering ale from your time. I would like to taste what your homeland has to offer. *waves over a waiter*

Gabrielle: Oh good! You'll love it, we have to try and get some made in Potedia, about 372 BC. ::nods:: The best year.

David: *speaks to the waiter* We would like an olive pizza, plenty of napkins, a pitcher of Potedia ale vintage 372 BC, and a candle on the table, please, instead of these garish lights. They do nothing for the lady's complexion, wouldn't you say? *thanks him, then shoos him off to fill our order* The more I explore this place, the more I like it. I hope you find your vacation enjoyable, too.

Gabrielle: ::sits back, and enjoys the scenery:: It's very lovely here. Very relaxing. ::light go lower at the lights are removed, and a candle is brought:: What was that cord on the bottom of the other, garish candle? ::points to the light being taken away. ::begins to get a sense something is different here::

David: It's something quite new in my time, a novelty. It's called electricity. I'm not sure how it works either, but that cord brings something to the device that creates light without flame. Convenient, but not very romantic. *quirks a smile and studies your features in the candlelight*

Gabrielle: ::looks at you across the table, decadent? can't tell yet. Handsome, yes very:: I am a writer, so these things interest me... where did you pick up the nick name Decadent Dave?

David: *rolls my eyes* I think the women that frequent Billy's bordello and nighclub must have given me that one. Just don't ask Mira about black feathers... *trails off, clears throat and refocuses* I prefer just to be called David, though. *small laugh* Which Hugo cannot pronounce. He calls me Davi'. You are a writer? Of fiction, or other? I would like to know more of you! *pauses as our food and drink arrive*

Gabrielle: ::looks as the plates are set down, and points to the large plate:: Pizza? ::smiles as you hand me a slice:: Actually, the name came back to Ares, you know... he told me to look you up under that name. Don't look so panicky, he's a God, they know everything, you get used to it. ::laughs:: Most likely you met Ares under an assumed name, he does that a lot. Yes, I am a writer, most action. I chronicle my days with my friend Xena. Thought I doubt you have heard of her.

David: *thinks, doesn't recall a woman by that name* I don't think I have, but if she is a friend of yours, I would love to meet her someday! *coughs* I have met many men in my journeys, and more than one I am sure used an alias name. If this Ares asked you to find me, well then. *winks* I'm sure he's someone I found quite interesting. *bites the point off my pizza with one hand, pours our glasses full with the other* Wait. He's a -god-? Goodness, I hope I pleased him! *laughs nervously*

Gabrielle: ::smiles slowly:: Judging by the look in his eyes when he passed me the note, I would say you both had a good time. ::tries pizza, winds up with sauce on nose:: This is good! ::watches you pour ale into a glass, and does the same, sets down pizza and sees napkin:: Oh... ::says small offering to Demeter, and places the napkin on her head, watches as you try not to laugh:: What? ::smiles, while eating pizza::

David: *stares at you and tries not to gape, but does so anyway* Um, that is called a napkin, and is meant for wiping messes off your fingers, or laying in your lap to catch spills. But, I'm always open to new experiences. What is it you mean by laying that atop your head?

Gabrielle: Napkin? ::rips it off her head:: Yes. I knew that. ::smiles sheepishly, notices you aren't buying:: Well, I thought it was a prayer cloth for Demeter, to thank her for the food. Sorry.

David: No reason to apologize. The customs of my time are not necessarily better than the customs of yours. *takes a napkin, calmly places it on my own head and solemly speaks* Thanks for everything, Demeter.

Gabrielle: ::smiles brightly:: She will be pleased one who does not know of her ways thanks her. ::poour more ale for both:: She also likes ale. ::laughs:: Tell me, what do you do?

David: *takes a deep drink* Do? Oh, as my occupation? Well, hmm. That's hard to explain. I'm a professional irritant to my father, mostly. After moving to Paris, though, I took up a sideline in... hmmm. The trading of goods, yes. *wonders if that is a decent description for a gentleman thief*

Gabrielle: ::regards you with curiosity:: ahhhh. :eats pizza keeping her face straight:: You help to liberate people of their burdens? ::smiles knowingly, been on the road far too many years, having spent several of them in the company of Iolaus and Autolycus::

David: Yes, yes, you could say that, indeed. *I know that look, I've seen it in my own mirror. She knows of what I speak* Some folk carry around much that isn't good for them. Others do not carry enough. I think you know what I mean. *blows a puff of air straight up from my lip to move the napkin back as it starts to slide down my forehead*

Gabrielle: ::puts her napkin back on top of her head, and adjusts the one on yours:: It looks good on you. ::smiles, tilts head, and studies you closely as your speak::

David: *finishes off my pizza, settles more comfortably with my drink in hand* So, then, what now, my new friend the writer-thief? *winking and giving you a don't-bother-denying-it look* What would you wish to do next? Dancing, exploring, ah swimming? There's a pool atop the hotel! What's on your mind now?

Gabrielle: Deny what? ::smiles knowingly:: swimming? ::eyes light up:: Can we explore and then go swimming?

David: *standing, not noticing my napkin blowing off in the breeze of my movement* Certainly! I admit I've spent most of my time in the common places, or my room. Let's see what's lurking just out of sight, shall we?

To Be Continued...
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