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I think it's high time I checked over our Guest Registry to see how the hotel looks this week.

Ah, excellent. I see Jack O'Neill managed to find his way here. And without a Stargate, even. At least I THINK he didn't use one. Who knows what antique technology is lying about the place here. I should have the closets checked for such things. I'll have Duncan do that soon, he could use some extra work, the lazy bum.

And I've heard some of the guests talking about Gabrielle running amock out in the main concourse. Sounds like lots of fun as long as she leaves my lobby intact. She's a feisty one. I like feisty. I may take care of her room service myself. *makes a note that Duncan is relieved of duty from Room 8*

Oh, excellent! I see David's managed to trick convince Hugo to come for a honeymoon vaction too. I've spent far too many evenings drinking with David and hearing him go on and on about this Hugo fellow. This should shut him up for a while. Jack's not going to be very happy about it, though, might need to disract and amuse him. *makes note to dress Duncan up as a pirate's cabin boy*

That should do it, all seems in order. Oh, wait. What's this. *unfolds a sheet of paper marked "URGENT" and scans it quickly* Oh, crap. Not NOW. It's the height of the season! Damn. I'll have to try to keep the guests from finding out.

Um, if I can.


Nov. 17th, 2003 11:13 am
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The lunch date was nice, but now I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my day. Tempting as the stars are, I tend to lose days in front of them, so I should probably wait on that. I'd like to meet some of my fellwo guests, and I can't do that by hiding in my room.

I still haven't managed to pick up that map I meant to, so I head back to the lobby to pick one up. It's certainly colorful, and relatively clear, and I find myself absorbed in reading it. I wonder where I should go.

I don't even realize I've frozen in a corner of the lobby, but I do hope I'm mostly out of the way.
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She comes out of her room at last. She told her self that it time for her look around the place before Ritz the bellboy would come and make her come out of her room. She walks down by the beach and saw the bellboy that helped her to settle in and she smiled and wave at him. She saw a bench chair and a small table and place her hand down on it and sat down in the chair and looks over the water. After all these years she on her own and wonders many things about herself and hoping maybe while she here she would learn things about herself. She wonders what things and kind of trouble will she found her self. She looks across from her and there was this other gentleman. She guess he must be a guest there too but she was too shy to speak up to him and she just lower her head and looks back over the water.
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I must be the best damned bellhop in five galaxies, I swear. Every room has been tended to, everyone's checked in, including our newest guest - Victoria in Room 7. No one's calling for room service, or fresh towels, or milling about the lobby looking lost. For the first time in my entire career, the Andromeda Ritz is content.

Could this suck any harder? I need some mayhem. Little trouble with a side order of chaos. And a thick slice of debauchery for dessert. Would settle for a hug, maybe, depending on who's delivering it.

Who does the bellboy call when he needs a bellboy? *pouts sexily*
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My nemesis boss thinks I should check up on Tilion, he's been pretty quiet lately. I tried to tell the Esteemed Mr. Gray that the man is on vacation, he's entitled to a piece peace and quiet, and that he's probably just relaxing. Maybe he found the rooftop pool.

Don't mind going to see, though, really quite don't mind. He's quite attractive in that confused, virginal way, and who knows, maybe I'll, er he'll get lucky.

A few minutes later, at Tilion's door.

Okay. Door gaping open, trail of clothes and debris leading out from his room, down the hall, and, huh. He's gone. Wait, something about his application, what was that, AH. Yes. His job. "Steersman of the Moon". Okay, yeah. Read in the morning edition of the Galactic News and MultiWorld Report that Earth was having a lunar eclipse today. Middle Earth's on the same parallel, so yeah, makes sense. He had to run back to work.

I don't think he works more than a few days a month though, and the hotel's not maxed out right now, so I think I'll just tidy up his room, change the bedding, turn back the bedcovers nicely. Got a feeling he might need another vacation after that eclipse!
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I've been meditating by starlight again, and I think I may have been doing it for days. Not that such a small time really registers, since there doesn't seem to be a proper "day" and "night" here, but by Arda's standards, I think I've missed some time. I stand and stretch, feeling a vague sense of hunger. Days, yes, probably. I should go find something to eat.

Perhaps I can find Arthur and we can have that drink, or I might meet one of the other guests. I bathe and dress, leaving my room for the lobby. I believe I saw brochures with maps and lists of places to eat there. I need to pick one of those up.
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[Edit: adding warning of NC-17 style posting since it seems my pup has turned out to be an utter SLAG as the comments continued. The mun did NOT see this coming at first. Carry on.]

I wake up, and I can't see. Was I struck blind in the night? Fumbling about, I start to feel my head slowly begin to pound. This feeling I know. A hangover, and a rather impressive one at that. But why can't I see?

Slowly, I try to right myself, then realize I'm not in my bed. Leather beneath me, a table hits the back of my hand as I reach up. I seem to be in a booth. Oh. Yes. I remember now, at least I remember a little. I was drinking last night. Think, David, think. New friend, Jack. Yes. Drinking with Jack. Why can't I -see-?

After quite a bit more twisting about, I manage to get myself seated upright, elbows on the table. Still very dark. Wait a minute, something's on my face. Shakey hands claw at the cloth until I manage to pull the blindfold loose.

My eyes slowly focus on the bandanna I'm holding.


Oct. 22nd, 2003 04:08 pm
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The pool is everything Duncan said it would be, the waterfall quiet but beautiful, stirring up the water just enough to give the illusion of being in a stream-fed pool. The water isn't too hot or too cold, and I'm reminded of the story of Goldilocks and the porridge. But that is a different matter, so I'll let it go.

The stars seem very close here, almost touchable. I lie, floating on my back to watch them, and then flip to swim in a more conventional manner. I think I'm going to have trouble leaving when vacation is over. This place is wonderful.
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Spaceport Weini.

Silly name if you ask me but then one usually turns and runs quickly in the opposing direction when I approach.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me...

Wise, very wise.

For I am Captain Jack Sparrow.

Minus a ship, a momentary grievous setback that shall soon be righted.

*sashaying into the hotel, I daintily hit the little bell summonsing help*

Why thank ye, lad. A room for Smith, if you'd be so kind. Mr. Smith?
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I saw Arthur and Uruviel leaving together this morning, arm in arm. I win!

Am I good, or what? Mr. Gray had better make good on that bet. A full day off and one of the premier rooms for my own personal use! I think I need to see if either Karl or David cares to help me celebrate. Dare I wish for both of them? Nope. Couldn't get that lucky. But I can dream. In fact, I did, just last night.

Oh well. Back to work. Fresh towels for everyone. And fresh Duncan for anyone who asks.
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I am feeling much calmer today. I did not turn on the in-house movie channel, in fact, I taped the controls so that they couldn't inadvertently turn themselves on, and covered the screen with an extra bathrobe, just in case.

My breakfast was delivered. Today there is orange juice too. At least I think it is, it tastes vaguely alcoholic and has a paper umbrella with small pornographic stick figures all over it. I tasted it. Now the hatrack looks sexy. I don't think I'll drink any more of that, thank you very much.

There is also a slip of paper set on my breakfast tray, which reads "Room Six. Uruviel. Elf. Dial six or I'll send you another movie. Love, you know who."

Decisions, decisions. Should I take tea in the airlock or dial? I'm not certain which is less dangerous.
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So I am. Jade okayed it, in fact, she seemed a bit eager to have me go. I think she still feels a little guilty over the dwarf incident.

Regardless, my bags are packed, my ticket is bought, and I have reservations somewhere called Weini. Surprisingly, the Middle Earth monorail goes there. Now all I have to do is wait for my stop. Oh. I'm here. That was fast.

*gathers her luggage, disembarks, and looks around* Wow. *ogles around her for a moment, then begins searching for the hotel*
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Thank god it's Friday. *shrugs* Just an expression, doesn't mean a damn thing to me, though. I've heard a few guests use it every 7th rotation or so, and they've explained to me that back on Earth Fridays are very cool, you get to go out and party all night and carouse all you want, sleep in late the next day and screw all responsibilities.

I'm well beyond thrilled I wasn't born on Earth. And here on Weini, as far as this boy's concerned, every day is Friday. If my boss found this out, I'd kill myself, so don't tell him, but I love my job. I just frickin damn well love it. I spend all day pleasing the beautiful people that pay us just for that priviledge of being pleased, and I spend my off hours right here in my favorite booth at the Comet's Tail, picking and choosing who'll be the lucky winner of some special after work attentions.

This is a prime week, too. Some very interesting new check-ins arrived at the hotel, and I've made sure to recommend the 'Tail to them. Today was payday, and I want to ply someone with drinks. The bartender invented a new one tonight, damn him, he knows I can't resist tasting something new and untried. Ah, speaking of new and untried, I wonder if Tilion might be around tonight. Now there's a sparkly treat just waiting to be buffed and polished. Then there's David, a rather handsome fellow with a look in his eye that says "Name it, I'll do it". And Arthur. Ah, Arthur. Lost cause, absolutely. So very British. And I certainly can't forget Karl, the subject of an amusing dream I had last night involving furry handcuffs and a vibrating... oh, well, you don't want to hear about my dreams, I'm sure. There's rumors of another arrival soon, but I'll fondle that bridge when I come to it. So many to do, so little time.
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Well, this isn't too awful, after all. Room Service arrived this morning, and after I panicked at that, the bellhop assured me he was only delivering my breakfast. Although I think he did mutter something about plaid flannel being quite a mood breaker. I think that is a very good thing, and I will soon be scouring the local shops for more bathrobes in increasingly garish patterns.

Breakfast was a plate of sliced mango, coffee, a scone and to my complete and utter shock, hot tea. Drinkable hot tea. If I ever run into Ford again and I hope I never do but IF I do, I will instruct him to give this hotel a five star rating, based on the tea alone.

I gave another go at the in-house movie channels last night. I watched something called "Better Than Sex", which was amusing, but I'm beginning to wonder about this tendency towards movies prominently feature bare male bottoms.

I suspect the bellboy greatly influences the movie choices. He still unnerves me.

My Arrival

Oct. 16th, 2003 04:15 pm
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My journey has ended, I must have dozed off in my seat. I have no idea how long we have traveled. The train whistle woke me in time to collect my luggage and find my way off the train and into the station. Oddly, I seem to be the only passenger disembarking.

This seems like no small town to me. Shining metallic walls, strangely clad folk, and I do not recognize any object here as something familiar. The only thing I do recognize is a doorway. It must lead from the station to the town, and I should be able to at least find the hotel. That is a constant in any town, the hotel is always the easiest thing to find.

Lights. So many lights, and colored lights? Brightly colored lights as I have never seen before in my life. They are beautiful, and they are garish at the same time. They feel like, well, they feel like fun. That is what I seek on this vacation, isn't it? Fun? Then, let's get on with it.

Walking about the perimeter of the place, I note that one garish sign reads "Andromeda Ritz Hotel". Smiling smugly, I step inside. I was right. The hotel is always easy to find, in any town.
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I made arrangements for a nice room at a resort hotel, in a small town called Weini. It's an odd name, but then I have seen some strange names since I came to Ireland. It can't be any more eccentric than the sheep farm Hugo's family runs, I'm sure.

I haven't socialized in months now as my mun retired me and pushed me to the back of the sock drawer, but lately I've been in the mood to get out for drinks, feel the night life again, I've missed that since I left Paris. And my mun is tired of hearing me poke at her brain.

I just hope this town has a decent nightclub. Something modern, lively. I don't care how remote the town is, it's 1903, there should be some fun to be had!

My train ticket says "Time And Space Unlimited Express", and I can't claim to understand that name, but names are simply names, they often mean nothing. Ah, and here comes the train now, with any luck we will be there before nightfall.

Gets on the train, which takes off down the tracks, rounds a bend and ... vanishes.
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Okay. I rummaged around the basement and got lucky! I found a huge trunk of what they call Mardi Gras beads, but whatever, they are silver and there are a LOT of them and that's whats important now. From what I can tell, that's enough for that cutie in Room 2, our Mr. Tilion. He seems pretty easy to please.

Glow in the dark stars were easy, those are popular and we buy them by the gross. So I've stuffed my pockets with them. *grins* Maybe I'll have him hunt for his stars.

*hops in the elevator humming happily, anticipating a very nice tip and hoping like hell the Manager doesn't waylay me for one of his endless stupid errands*
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So far, this has been an absolutely perfect vacation. I've been both insulted and propositioned (I think), by the hotel bellboy, confused by the hotel manager, met a rather nice fellow tourist whom I accidentally hit on, and I think I've stepped in gum.

*checks slipper*

Yes. I have. I'd call room service for new slippers, but I fear for my virture.
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Well, I think I found our wayward Room 3 guest, and Room 1 wandered off outside in his bathrobe. What a maroon.

I'm still trying to find Room 4, but I hear he's timetraveling in from 1903, so he might be caught in a rush hour continuum bottleneck. They really need to add some lanes to those things, I mean really.

And I can't BELIEVE the manager made me completely re-do Room 2! Silver bedspread and curtains, extra mirrors, and silver wallpaper. And he wanted air conditioning. I doctored up a box to look like an air conditioner, painted it silver (of course), and shoved it against the wall. Who am I to tell him the whole damn place is air conditioned, it's a SPACEPORT, for crying out loud. Still, think I'll wear my silver thong tonight just in case he's cute. And if he calls for room service, I'm wearing sunglasses, it's just too damn shiney in there.
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*stares about the concourse in astonishment, clutching my carry-on luggage*

This ISN'T Auckland International. I'm fairly sure of it.

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