Feb. 14th, 2004

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Hugo: *walks beside david after leaving the lounge, quite the interesting place, the singer was not bad but the dancers were horrible, i know someone who might roll their eyes and fire the lot. really, where -does- the owner hire these people? but the drinks are good and the food...i do so enjoy the food* ye do no' suppose we coul' order room service again, do ye, davi'? *grins innocently after the last room service debacle*

David: *tangles my fingers into yours, tugging you close enough to bump against me as we walk* No, I think Duncan might have us tossed out on our ears after last time. *smirks and barely holds back a laugh* That was fun. You that anxious to go back to our room? *sees the look on your face and quickly adds an explaination* No, love, I do want more of you. I'm simply tired of the room. We've had an intimate view of every available surface... *whispering, almost a low throaty growl* A nice dark alley, a doorway, somewhere we aren't supposed to be, that's what sounds good to me right now. *turning quickly to kiss your earlobe and whisper in your ear* Remember the pantry at Billy's club?

Hugo: *supresses a shiver as your lips tickle my ear, desire rolling beneath the surface just from your words and voice alone* aye...i do, me davi'. i do no' suppose ye fancy a turn in ... *looks around, pouting in full when i see neither dark alley or doorway* bugger that, i find neither alley nor doorway *nearly whimpers in frustration, arousal's twisted my mind about and left me unable to think and far too hard* 'ere....*pulls you with me into the elevator with a smirk, the lights low to catch the spaceport's splendor out the glass windows*

Going up? - Warning: NC-17. Very. )


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