Dec. 19th, 2003

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Damned airlocks. We were TOLD there was a safety check done on them just last month? Or was it last year, hell, I can't be expected to keep track of ALL these trivial matters.

Anyway. I was checking Arthur Dent's room, and found it empty. Really empty. I mean, completely EMPTY, devoid of all contents. Including him. Even the oxygen was gone. Good thing I had that little operation that lets me not explode when I walk into a vacuum. No, won't give details, it's just a thing we spacebound workers get done, our insurance companies usually insist on it.

We got the airlock re-secured and brought in new furnishings, so the place should be ready for the next guest, life goes on, all that bull.

And dammit, was that David I saw streaking through the lobby with a fine looking bit of man on his arm? I think it was. (don't click that link if you are at work, it's NC17). Okay, so scratch him off the menu for tonight. Maybe I can find Jack and see if he really does need a Cabin Boy.

I should check the other rooms - haven't heard much from Victoria, or that pretty elfling, or that sweet little moon-boy for a while. I hope this airlock situation isn't chronic. Damn.


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