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Hugo: *walks beside david after leaving the lounge, quite the interesting place, the singer was not bad but the dancers were horrible, i know someone who might roll their eyes and fire the lot. really, where -does- the owner hire these people? but the drinks are good and the food...i do so enjoy the food* ye do no' suppose we coul' order room service again, do ye, davi'? *grins innocently after the last room service debacle*

David: *tangles my fingers into yours, tugging you close enough to bump against me as we walk* No, I think Duncan might have us tossed out on our ears after last time. *smirks and barely holds back a laugh* That was fun. You that anxious to go back to our room? *sees the look on your face and quickly adds an explaination* No, love, I do want more of you. I'm simply tired of the room. We've had an intimate view of every available surface... *whispering, almost a low throaty growl* A nice dark alley, a doorway, somewhere we aren't supposed to be, that's what sounds good to me right now. *turning quickly to kiss your earlobe and whisper in your ear* Remember the pantry at Billy's club?

Hugo: *supresses a shiver as your lips tickle my ear, desire rolling beneath the surface just from your words and voice alone* aye...i do, me davi'. i do no' suppose ye fancy a turn in ... *looks around, pouting in full when i see neither dark alley or doorway* bugger that, i find neither alley nor doorway *nearly whimpers in frustration, arousal's twisted my mind about and left me unable to think and far too hard* 'ere....*pulls you with me into the elevator with a smirk, the lights low to catch the spaceport's splendor out the glass windows*

David: Well, now. This is quite the opposite of that pantry. But we are moving, and I have traveled this transport before, the door will open, and most likely there will be an instant audience. *twisting you to face me, tugging your hips close to mine, you are indeed aroused, as am I* But if we could halt it's progress, perhaps? *reaching over your shoulder to run fingers down the buttons, thinking that what moves must also be halted, I press all buttons that do not pertain to a floor, and grin when the elevator grinds to a halt* I was always good with mechanical devices, Hugo. Now, then. We have a little time, I would think. *reaches to unfasten your pants and shoves them down*

Hugo: i' is good ye be good wit' other things as well *eyes close briefly, just briefly to feel and not think of other distractions before i pull you close for a hard kiss against the door of the elevator, no need to press my arse against the glass, i do not need all of weini to so directly view what is now yours alone* a little time, i care not for time. *deftly unfastens your pants and smiles as i draw out your cock, already so hard and waiting, stroking it for good measure* i be needin' ye now, davi'.

David: *knees threatening to buckle, but it is not on the floor we should be, not in this place of height and glass and distant lights. If we are on some display, I do not care* Need you too, my impatient Hugo. How would you have me? Against the door, from behind, or would you drop to your knees, leave me to stare at the sights while you take me in your mouth? *mind faltering between two very nice choices, my hands finding you and stroking you in time with your touch as I let you decide*

Hugo: *groans as i try to contemplate my options, and thinking is really the last thought on my mind as your hand continues to touchgrabstroke and i know we have little time until someone notices the stopped elevator, my decision's made quickly, i spin you about, smirking at your reaction time as palms slap against the door of the elevator*

David: *breath pushed from my lungs, I see my breath briefly mist against the cool metal of the door, cold under my hands, against my chest. A contrast to the heat pressing behind me, and I hear you grunt as you push my legs apart with your knee* No time for finesse, Hugo, nor preparation. Now.

Hugo: *spits into my hand, running it once over me before pressing against your opening, breath hot against your neck* och davi', ye be beautiful spread fer me like this...*nips your shoulder through the cloth of your shirt, pressing forward, biting my lip as tight fire wraps around my cock, moving slowly, i do not wish you pain but i know it will work if you just.....relax....your bloody....tight.....arse....*

David: *The thought of Hugo behind me, wanting so desperately to be -in- me, just the image of that cock I know so well, I can picture every inch of it, the contours of the tip, even the pattern of veins, and as I let my mind play over this most delightful scene, my body relaxes, offering itself to him. He slips deeper in, more easily now, and together we both moan long and low, a perfect harmony of lust* God, that's good. A little more, yes. *biting my lip now, willing you to plant yourself as deep in me as you can* Um, you might want to hurry. I think I heard something in the mechanisms clicking up in the ceiling...

Hugo: *shoots a worried glance up to the ceiling, afraid it will fall on us and i do not wish to part from you in such a fashion, no, i wish to remain buried within you, pressed so tight to you i would breathe the very breath as you* hmmm...le'them come an' see, i do no' mind. *i speak proudly, i have been one of msr. boyd's boys afterall, but my body betrays my voice, moving with quick, short thrusts until i am seated deep within you, pausing to enjoy only briefly before my actions turn nearly frantic, slipping deep and hard and fiery hot as i take you with force and eagerness which would surprise me if not for the desire...* davi'...davi' touch yerself for me...come for me... *murmurs low in your ear, not wanting to risk removing my steadying hands from your body*

David: *the lift shudders to life, and I wonder if Hugo's woken it up. He slams into me again and again, fast and urgent, both of us swaying with the rythym, knees bending, flexing, my feet slipping a little on the shaking floor, the shudder that rises through me part mechanical and part physical. The lift is indeed starting to rise again, and I manage to lean all my weight on one hand to free the other to slap at the buttons frantically. I hear the grinding of gears mix with a loud grunt from behind me, and drop my hand from the buttons to find my own cock, matching your energetic moves with quick firm strokes* Come for me too, Hugo. Hurry. Fast is good right now. I do not trust the gears to hold. *panting, I lean my damp forehead against the cool metal door, fist moving with determination on my cock*

Hugo: *thrusts into you quickly, the thrill of being caught hastening my actions despite how much i want to enjoy this slowly, but this will not be the last time we fumble about so i give in to my passion and come with a shout, clinging and shaking and struggling to remain upright as i feel all my strength gone after our impromptu love making in the elevator* och...i love ye davi'. *mumbles against your clothed shoulder*

David: *long breath steaming up the already damp doors in front of my lips, my apologizes mentally sent to those who will be using this lift later* Love you too, Hugo. *rubbing my shoulder slowly against your lips, catching my sanity back from whatever corner it flew off too. The lift is most definitely attempting to move again, it must have a timer of some sort built into the gears* We'd better get ourselves proper soon, love. This door will be opening in a minute and the first thing to emerge through the door will be my cock. Yours is hidden, but my ass will need to be moving soon and it will lose it's hiding place. *chuckling, I wiggle said ass a little to make my point*

Hugo: an' such a lovely thing...ye be sure, davi', ye do no' want ter greet people wit' yer cock? cause i do no' mind stayin' right were i be. *laughs at the look you give me, smacking a kiss on your lips as i slip from you, frowning at the mess but at least we do not have to sleep on a wet spot, lightly slapping your wiggling arse and bend to pull up my pants quickly before the elevator lets on new passengers*

David: But if we stay like this we would have to shuffle awkwardly aside to let other passengers on.... *stretching to work the kinks out of my back* and I do not trust these hard metal doors with the safety of that most precious appendage of mine, what if they closed suddenly! *refastening my trousers, quickly tucking my shirt back in*

Hugo: *shrugs and leaves my shirt untucked, running a hand through my hair* aye, i would no' like ye ter be damaged, that would ruin the plans i 'ave fer ye later....*smirks, massaging your back as the elevator dings with an approaching floor* ye will be sore tomorrow.

David: *straightening to my full height, I tug you to stand next to me, and suddenly we are the picture of propriety* You have plans for me for later? *stealing a quick kiss just as the doors start to open* Good. And yes, I very well might need some tender loving care tomorrow. *nods politely at an elderly couple entering the elevator wearing striped bathing suits, and carrying water wings* Enjoy the pool, sir, madam.... *grinning, I pull you out of the elevator and watch the doors shut* It's their turn in the lift. Come on, I want a drink.


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