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[NC-17 - interspecies sex, bondage, and a bit of fluff.]

Pippin: *I listen at the door before walking back into the room, before I realise that you would most likely be silent whether you were slumbering or not. So I transfer both bags to one hand and attempt to hide thems behind my back, though I know they're as big as my head, then walk into the room, softly shutting the door behind me.* Beregond? *my voice is intentionally soft, before a short pause in the silence lets a grin come to my face. Deciding that you are indeed still asleep, I climb onto the bed and upturn both bags onto the mattress, unprepared for the loud clatter it makes. Wincing, I look to you, waiting to see if you stir.*

Beregond: *muttering in my sleep, rolling from my side to my back, swiping at the air in front of my face sleepily as something jostles the bed* mmmmhmmmmpippinhush *slips back into sleep*

Pippin: *crawling forward over the pile of objects on the bed to watch your face for a moment, before I carefully grasp one of your arms, waiting once again to see if you respond. Satisfied that you're still asleep, glad for the amount of wine you had the night before, I keep hold of your arm and snatch an appropriately sized bracelet from the bed with my free hand. Finding it a simple task to slip it on your one wrist, I quickly do the other, excited by the fact that I shall have you secured to the bed in very little time. The sooner that is done, the sooner I can wake you and show you... or rather tell you about what gifts I bought for you. Recalling the picture I saw which used a chain of some kind, I utilize the elven rope in its place; preferring to have something such as this against your skin rather than a cold metal. And lastly, after I sit back and smile at my knotting skills, I retrieve a black mask made of the softest fabric and slip it over your eyes, then wondering if I should wake you now or go have a pear or two to eat first.*

Beregond: *pulling from a dream where I couldn't move and I have no idea why, I twist to roll over and... find I can't. Startled out of sleep, I open my eyes, and it's still dark* Pippin? Are you there? What's going on? I can't *twists more* move!

Pippin: *nearly dropping my fruit, mumbling with my mouth full* I'm here! *taking the pear with me, I climb onto the bed, pull the bedcovers back and sit on your belly.* Good day, Beregond. Did you sleep well? *taking another bite of fruit*

Beregond: Mmmm. Slept well, woke um, confused? Pippin, I can't -see-. What's going on? *flexes arms* I can't move, either! *pauses, considers, notes that you sound rather, unrepressed yourself* What's on your mind here, love? Is this a game?

Pippin: *reaching down to touch your chest with sticky fingers* It could be if you would like. But I would like to call it a gift. *leaning down to kiss your lips, speaking against them* You only need lie here and I will take care of you, Beregond. *smiling* And it should be fun, yes?

Beregond: *still adjusting to being in pitch darkness, but relaxing a little. Only a little, because I know the devious mind of my hobbit* If this is a gift, then let it be so. I think... I would like to accept this. And as for fun.. well, that is up to you now, isn't it? You've rendered your soldier helpless. *struggles up to find your lips, tries to capture them in a kiss*

Pippin: *pulling away just in time, I laugh as I watch as you kiss my pear.* The luckiest friuit there ever was. *smiling* Yes, the fun is up to me. Something that hobbits are very good at. *wondering if hobbits are known for this particular brand of fun, and if they are, whether Merry has kept a secret from me* I have many more gifts for you also. Though I cannot say what are called. Nor can I describe some of their shape. But even if I could, I would wish this to be a surprise.

Beregond: *frowning when I don't meet lips* Then, surprise me. I trust you. *laughs, nervously* Although I wonder if I should! I know how you can be, Pippin! But... *more quietly, actually anticipating now* I think I would wish this surprise. And your idea of fun. Very well, I leave myself in your hands. And mouth. And... well, whatever you choose.

Pippin: Ah. Now here is where it may become a game. *grinning, brushing my fingers over your nipples* Anything you ask for, Beregond, you shall not have until I see fit to give it to you. *remembering your frown, I lean down again until my lips are within your reach* Therefore you should take care to think before you speak.

Beregond: *thinks* *speaks* I want a kiss, at least for starters. I can feel the heat from your lips but I cannot reach you! *gasps at your touch on my chest, arches up to meet your fingers* And... I would like you to touch me more. Other places. *exhales sharply* Everywhere. Will I regret this wish?

Pippin: *thinking my game may fail if am not able to resist fulfilling these wishes of yours* I cannot yet say, Beregond. But I will not withhold my kisses from you. *pressing my mouth to yours, speaking with a slight part of my lips* I love you.

Beregond: *relaxing under you, accepting the kiss, gratefully* I love you too. *tongue seeking your mouth, stealing whatever touch I am allowed* *pulling at my wrist restraints before remembering they are there, huffing in frustration*

Pippin: *noting how you struggle, I frown, reaching up towards your wrists* Are they too tight? I have never done this before, Beregond. And neither have you, I would think?

Beregond: I have not... *twists more* they do not bind too much... but I cannot move, and that is, well, perplexing. And something more. *gulps* Exciting. I feel fully at your mercy. This is not a horrible thing to be, although it is confusing.

Pippin: Confusing? *lifting up and scooting myself down your body, pressing a kiss to your chest, then rolling off you completely* You may be at my mercy, but-- *kneeling next to you, bending down to kiss your stomach, then quickly moving to press an open-mouthed kiss to your inner thigh, linger to lick at your warm skin, purposely overlooking -- though quite aware of -- the part of your body that may want a kiss the most.* Does this simplify it for you, Beregond?

Beregond: *moaning, shifting my hips, my thigh tingling at your kiss* Simple, maybe... but perhaps I am a complicated man! The more you simplify, the more I wish complicated! *tries to suppress a whimper, fails* I can only wonder how long you will tease me, and if you will allow me what I crave. Again I say... I am at your will.

Pippin: *finding that the most attentive part of your body is also my favourite at the moment, I cannot resist trailing a light brush of my fingers along your length.* I do not find you so complicated. *twisting to retrieve one of the smaller bracelets, one that I believe will fit perfectly.* If you would really like to know... *fiddling with the object, wondering how this works* ...I will tease you until you beg me not to, until your words match the greatness of your craving. *hearing a quiet click when I pull on the item, then realising what I need to do.* Here is another gift, Beregond. *fitting the bracelet around the base of your arousal, hearing the click again when I fasten it, then simply observing it and you, wondering what purpose this might serve besides looking odd*

Beregond: *feeling something tight, almost too tight, but bearable placed where I have never been constrained before in my life, I gasp, and would stare you in the eye if I could see you* Pippin! That, oh, Eru, that's making me feel very strange. Are you sure you've followed the directions correctly? *trying to steady my breathing, deciding that yes, I still trust you, and am willing to learn something new here today* You may not find me complicated, but you are becoming more intriguing by the moment, Pippin. Tease me, if you wish.

Pippin: *hearing your last word, I look towards your face for only a second before returning my attention to your arousal. A word than seems to barely describe the sight of you.* Beregond... you are so-- *my hand encircling you this time, giving one slow, long stroke.* --firmly alert. *letting my fingers fall away from you* If I am to tease, I needn't let such a thing distract me. Not yet. *reaching blindly on the bed for another object, finding one that is familiar in shape to my hand, if not... larger. Which causes me to drop the object just as quickly as I retrieved it, reaching for a small bottle in lieu of it.* I shall need to prepare you for my next gift, Beregond. *climbing over one of your legs, positioning myself between your thighs and exploring with one hand, content to take my time in seeking out your opening*

Beregond: *I can't believe how... hard I am. What IS that thing?* Wait, Pippin, there's more? *twisting to try to see, ah, right, I can't, but oh my, the twisting is... well, that's different, the sensations from this contraption are odd. Numb, yet not, aroused, yet I don't think I could do anything about it without your help. Help. That's it, I'm helpless* Pippin? If you drive me insane you'dd be responsible for my care and feeding, you know that, right? But, um... don't stop.

Pippin: *opening a bottle of pleasant-smelling oil, raising an eyebrow when you mention feeding* We have much fruit, Beregond. But I do not believe I shall keep you in this position long enough for you to... be driven insane. *reaching down between your legs, exploring with my slickly coated fingers* And yes, there is more. Much more. *grinning* Which is why I believe... *slipping several fingers inside of your warmth* ...that anyone dwelling in nearby rooms will be privvy to your reaction to it. *watching your face while my fingers move inside of you, considering the use -- or non-use -- of the blindfold over your eyes. Taking my fingers from you, crawling on top of you to look down at your face, touching your lips with my slippery fingers as I speak* If I ask you to keep your eyes closed, will you? I'm not sure that I like to have any part of you hidden from view.

Beregond: *whispering, trembling* I will do whatever you ask. If you wish me to keep my eyes closed, it will be difficult, because I wish to see you, but I will comply. *finds a certain thrill in obeying your orders* Dare I wonder what happens next? No, don't tell me. Just show me. *tries to calm my breathing when I realize I'm nearly panting for breath* Pippin, might I beg a kiss while you are so close?

Pippin: You should not beg for that which I will give freely. *momentarily forgetting the blindfold, pressing a quick kiss to your lips* And often. *kissing you again, lingering this time, dearly missing the feel of your arms around me, but as yet determined to complete what I have begun* What happens next, Beregond. *Another kiss.* Is what I have wished for you since... our night in the tent. To please you in a way that I could not *reaching up to push the blindfold from your eyes* To satisfy you with the same pleasure you give to me.

Beregond: *gulping as I begin to realize exactly what it is you mean to do, then blinking in the sudden light as the blindfold is removed, and I see your face before me* Pippin, you please me in so many ways, do not ever think I am left lacking when I am with you. And that is all I will say about that. Today though, is an unusual day, and I wish to not think too much. I am literally at your mercy and command, and I find that... *shuddering under you, again reminding of how you have bound me to your will, feeling metal against wrists and cock, a startling contrast to soft lips on mine, and before I know it, my eyes slip shut as I simply surrender to the sensations that surround me* Do what you will.

Pippin: *Your taste, cool and fresh with a hint of sweetness from last night's drinking floods my senses, and I am surprised to find myself breathless, almost as surprised to realise how my own need is pressed insistent against the fabric of my breeches. I break the kiss, swallowing at the sudden dryness of my throat, my voice coming out soft* I shall do my will and yours. *I do not mention it will have to wait until my hands stop trembling, and I nuzzle your face with low hum.* You are my desire. My every want. Every fantasy I’ve ever had… every love story I’ve ever heard.

Beregond: And because I am these things to you, I trust you. Pippin, I love you. You've taken a tired soldier and reminded him that he can still dream and live. *smiles, twists to kiss you again* How did you know I needed you so much? I didn't even know myself! *I feel how aroused you are, and again I tremble at our circumstance, so different than every encounter we have had before*

Pippin: How did I know? *Tipping my head slightly, I nod then close the distance between our mouths, kissing you again, slow and wet. And I find that I cannot pull away, even if I had a mind to, which I most certainly do not. But then I remind myself that this is to be more than kissing, or cuddling, or few whispered endearments, and I let my tongue slide over yours one last time, letting one more quiet moan escape my lips, a sound that seems to come all the way from my toes.* Oh. *willing myself to rise from you before I am truly lost* I love you, too, Beregond. And I do not know. I only know that I need you just as much, and that you also must have known what this hobbit needed in his life. Primarily, you. *smiling, and slowly returning to my position between down between your legs*

Beregond: *left wanting more, your kisses are delicious and I nearly whimper when deprived of them, and I tilt my head to follow your movement. Ah, again I start to feel that sense of helplessness when I realize you're about to continue your devious plan. I wonder how many items from that shop followed you back to our room, and I suspect I will find out, in due time. I try my best to relax, thinking I know what you'll be doing next. But who can really know when a curious hobbit is involved? I smile, knowing that your curious nature is half the fun*

Pippin: *sitting back on my heels, I reach behind me, my eyes never leaving yours... which causes me to give you a scolding look.* Your eye are not closed, Beregond. I will sit here and do nothing until you do. *hating the words as I say them, but determined to follow through with them.* Well, perhaps I could do... something. *biting my lip as I lower a hand between my legs, caressing the ridge that now shows through my breeches.* Until I have proper distraction to keep me from finding my own release, in my own way. *wondering if you will resist, and if I will truly be able to keep my hands from you if you do*

Beregond: *staring at you, gaping as you touch yourself, you are making it very difficult to comply with your orders* You are a wicked, wicket hobbit! Fine then, I will close my eyes. *with great effort, I do so, and nearly at once I must fight the urge to open them again* Please, do something, anything to keep me from wanting to watch what you were doing when I closed my eyes.

Pippin: *contented to see your eyes closed, thereby lessening my own nerviness, I make use of the slippery liquid once again, letting my fingers explore you once again, knowing that I could not possibly use too much in this circumstance.* I already know that you have a wonderful imagination, Beregond. So I would ask you to rely on it if you can. *reaching for the blunt object, I find it hard not to draw a comparison between it and my own size, but I also could not imagine hiding such a thing in my breeches.* In a dream once, you spoke of us being similar size, just as I had. *steadying my hands to nudge your opening with that which I would hope you will imagine as being my own flesh.*

Beregond: *still keeping my eyes tightly closed* Oh, but Pippin, if we could be of similar size, that would mean one of us giving up who we ar--OH! *and with that, all my logical reasonings fall away when the full realization of your intent is felt, I'm caught between a groan and a laugh* All right then, Pippin, for now, this day, we are as equals. although... *tries hard to relax and breathe* I think you may be more equal than myself.

Pippin: *smiling at your reaction, glad that you welcome this change* For this day, yes. *slowly pressing further into you, inch-by-inch, pausing whenever I think I should* You were gentle with me, so I shall be the same with you... unless you feel there is no need for me to be so. *my free hand seeking and encircling your arousal, I simply hold you and feel you.* You are more equal than you think, Beregond. I can assure you. *momentarily remembering what same act we engaged in the other night* If not for this wonderful present, you would not experience the same as I. My own body has not not enough to fulfill you, my love, but on this day, you shall indeed be filled. *forgetting my earlier wariness, I give a forceful push, my eyes opening wide when I realise I've done.*

Beregond: *amazed at your forcefulness and nearly crying out, not from pain but from the rush of sensation that bolts through my body* Pippin! *eyes closed, eyes closed, keep my eyes closed* I may fly to pieces soon - the binding you placed on me, just there, under your hand, I have never felt so aroused, yet I cannot... OH. *my head swimming as you withdraw from me, the fantasy complete, I've accepted this as you taking me, that what you give me is truly yourself, since it comes from your desires*

Pippin: This? *curiously stroking my fingers over the small band, able to feel how tightly it binds you, while my other hand pushes the slick toy within you once more; slowly sliding it and out of you, because I know that is what I would be doing were it my appendage* Cannot what, Beregond? *turning to glance at the other objects I've bought, thinking that none of them could possibly surmount the pleasure of this one. Grinning as I decide to try one anyway, letting go of the object between your legs to retrieve a fairly long stick. holding it out, glad for its length, I brush its brightly coloured feathers across your stomach and up your chest, wondering if it might tickle.*

Beregond: Oh, Eru! *I haven't been tickled since Bergil was small and we would play together, but this is VERY different* Pippin! You haven't brought a bird in here have you? I feel feathers? *laughs, gasping, squirming from the tickling... and yet bucking against what else you are doing, finding the thrusting motion to be quite intense* I cannot... *gasps, and can barely speak now* It binds me so I cannot release, Pippin!

Pippin: *laughing* Not a bird. There shall be nothing pecking at you if I can help it. *the mirth I feel nearly outweighs every other sensation in my body, but the sound of your voice, somewhat desperate in tone, quickly tips the scales in the other direction.* If you think you cannot find release in your bind, Beregond, then I must bolster my attention to you until you do. *dropping the stick, I bend down to take you into my mouth, suckling slowly while my hands revist the warmth between your legs; one hand striving to quickly slide the object quickly in and out of you while the other delves lower to caress and massage another part of you.*

Beregond: *oh, hot wet heat and your increased enthusiasam to the task of thrusting into me, this changes things, knowing it is your mouth and lips on me, now I begin to feel the rising wave of sensation, and I think release will find it's path. I tremble, my legs shake, and I am certain this will be the most intense orgasm I have ever felt* Pippin... I fear I am lost to you! You've taken me over completely. *with a cry, I tug hard against my wrist restraints, and indeed, my release is of an intensity never felt before, one I could not imagine until now*

Pippin: *feeling your body jerk again, knowing that you are continuing to pull at the braces, I let my lips slip from around you, a reprimand on the tip of my tongue* Bere-- oh. *Silently and with only a small number of well-timed blinks, I watch you spend yourself, listening to the unintelligible words that stream from your mouth. Until finally, your body no longer visibly twitches, although my hands on your thighs can still feel your shudders. Raising a hand to my now very sticky face, I smile widely at the thought of what I've just carried out when you were quite sure that you would not release. my hand moving between your legs again, gently wrapping my fingers around you and that which still binds this part of you, I am surprised by what I feel.* Are you not yet finished, Beregond?

Beregond: I.. I don't know, I think perhaps not. *I'm completely helpless now, trembling from release, I should be calming but I do not, your hand on me sends new fire through my groin* Do you promise to nurse me back to full health should I live through this day, Pippin? *I say no more, merely groan again, as your touch brings another wave of sensation*

Pippin: *still touching you I hesitate to remove the smaller bracelet, thinking it must be charmed. But then I am distracted by your words, and I take my hand from you, losing my already slackened breeches as I quickly crawl forward, not stopping until we are face to face.* I can assure you that you shall live. *tilting my head, then dipping down for a kiss* But I will promise nonetheless. And because I love you... *reaching for the bind on one of your wrists, fiddling with it for a moment before I succeed in freeing your arm*

Beregond: *stretching my arm, shaking it at the wrist to get back my flexibiility, then grabbing your head playfully by the hair and rubbing yoru face against the sheets* Messy hobbit. Now you're cleaner. *taking full advantage of my free hand I pull you back for yet another kiss, relishing being able to have at least some small measure of control* I love you too, though you are a very devious and wicked hobbit, and are certainly set on corrupting my innocence!

Pippin: *pouting slightly, rising up to sit back heavily on your belly* Your innocence, as you put it, was as dirtied as mine before this day. *taking your hand and holding it between my smaller ones* Would you mean to tell me that you haven't thought of binding me? You once said to me that you may have to tie me down to keep me out of trouble, did you not? *grinning, bringing your hand to my lips* I simply decided to keep you out of trouble on this ship today.

Beregond: Ah, but I can find trouble even bound, if I set my mind to it, you know. *ticking your lips with my fingers before pulling away and reaching down to take you in my grasp* Perhaps a few cries from you will even the score now? *grinning, I stroke you in a way that lets you know I will not be denied this*

Pippin: *when you talk of evening the score, I turn my head to see the tickler on the bed a short distance away. I barely have time to reach for it, before my hands fall to brace myself against you while you stroke me.* I am quite lucky that I did not free both your arms. *gasping, unable to still my hips* Beregond... oh, I am nearly... *bucking into your hand, already finding myself so close to release*

Beregond: *seeing you grab the tickler, I increase my attention to you, determined to distract you from using those feathers on me again* Nearly, Pippin? I want more than Nearly from you. Let go, enough of toys and gadgets, now it's simply us - you and me and my hand on you. Come for me, it's been too long since I've seen your face at that moment. *watches your expression intently*

Pippin: *the seriousness of your voice gives me pause, and I let the stick fall from my hand; my eyes closing, head tipped back as I give in to your wishes* Yes. More. *recalling my description of this feeling, that thought remains only briefly before all words, spoken and unspoken, are lost to me; leaving only the feel of your hand and my voice crying out your name as I am gloriously spent*

Beregond: Mmm. Very nice indeed. *I hold you firmly until you have nothing left to give, amazed at the expression on your face, I do not think I could ever see that look one time too many. I start to reach to pull you down against my chest, but the tug at my other wrist reminds me I am still bound. Reluctantly I release you from my grasp, grabbing the sheets quickly (they will need changing badly soon!) and reach to take your shoulder, pulling you low to rest on my chest*

Pippin: *my eyes still closed, I press my lips to your chest, then turning my head to nuzzle my cheek against your warm skin. I know there things I'm meant to do now, such as freeing you completely... only so I could feel both your arms around me. But I am much too tired.* You are the most cozy bed a hobbit could ask for. *my fingers slowly tracing an unseen pattern around your nipple, until even the simple action seems so distant*

Beregond: *chuckling, I too am exhausted, much too tired to really care if I'm bound. As long as I have you here like this, anything else becomes unimportant* And you make a wonderful blanket, Pippin. Perhaps a bit of rest for both of us will help. You may awaken remember how to untie knots. *Sighs deeply, smiling, secretly enjoying still being partially bound, one arm free to hold you close as we doze*
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